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Ooni of Ife at the slave museum in Badagry, 2016 tour guided by Anago Osho

Anago James Akeem Osho, curating his Imperial majesty, Ojaja II, the Ooni of Ife, Obarisa, at the Badagry slave museum of Seriki Williams Abass Badagry.
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Difficulty in tranporting goods from the hinterland of Africa By Anago Osho

Goods and products must get to their destinations from the hinterland of Africa to the towns and cities by the available means of transportation at a stipulated time to the expecting destinations.  In some far away locations in West Africa, it is difficult to transport goods from the hinterland to the upland. The mode of transport of any kind may not be available on the road for a whole week, less or more. So, whose goods should be left behind, especially food, farm produce or fruits that can rot. That is why the vehicles are usually overloaded with goods.  These may be due to the "agreed market days" that different villages gather together with their products for sale at a particular market. It may be due to non accessibility to good road network, and in some cases, safety of lives and properties. The driver may make additional money but the journey may be difficult due to overloading and peradventure the vehicle develops fault on the highway which may take a while to fix. T



West African Theological Seminary on En-Slave History Tour of Badagry

The West African Theological Seminary International students were on an en-slave history tour of  Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria, with the history curator and tour guide, Anago James Akeem Osho.  The theological University had been visiting Badagry for more than 10 years on an annual practical field trip with Anago.  On the tour, students usually asks questions, analyse their thoughts, collect surveys, and compare what they had learnt in the classroom with new studies on the field trip with Anago Osho. According to Pastor Promise, the student's cordinator, "it is compulsory for the students to have the priceless experience especially with Mr. Anago Osho as the curator and tour guide. Anago brings the past to the Present. And as preachers of the word, our students need the practical knowledge of the past to relate with events and be realistic in their judgements. It balances the physical and the spiritual".

Anago James Akeem Osho and research interest in the Atlantic En-Slave history of Nigeria, Benin Republic and West Africa as it relates to the Diaspora


Third Mainland Bridge Rare Tour Photo

Anago Osho, on the Third mainland Bridge, near Ebute Metta; the longest bridge on water in Africa, on his way to the two days working summit organized by Lagos Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, Lagos State.

Lagos Tourism organizes 2 days tourism Working Summit

A group photograph during the two days Tourism, Arts and Culture working summit organized by Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Art, Culture. Tuesday 15th - Wednesday 16th, June 2021.  From right is Anago Osho (Founder and C.E.O of Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures), Ambassador Ikechi Uko, Princess Adenike Adedoyin-Ajayi, The Permanent Secretary, Ho. Fatau Olatunji Oluwa, Pharm.(Mrs) Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, Commissioner for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Mr Solomon Bonus, Special Advicer, Tourism, Arrt and Culture, Dr. Adun Okupe,  Micheal Balogun, Kenny Saint Brown etc.

Lagos State first ladies commissions Afro - Brazilian Cultural Centre, Lagos Island

It was a delightful point of view as the commissioning of the Afro - Brazilian Cultural Centre was acknowledged by senior citizens of Popo Aguda as the centre brings childhood memories of the Afro Brazilian quarters' past to the present. Afro - Brazilian Cultural Centre is a place dedicated to the promotion of the Afro - Brazilian experience, education, history, music, cuisine, and carnival in Lagos. Freed and former enslaved person's  began to return to West Africa in the 1830's and Popo Aguda, the Brazilian Quarters in Lagos is the biggest Afro Brazilian Community in West Africa. The Centre intend to share and document the experiences of the returnees from South America and their contribution to the development of Lagos and West Africa. The commissioning was an event organized by the Brazilian Descendants Association (BDA) and the partners in progress; Mr Lawon Adams (Loving Lagos), Anago Osho (Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures) and Mr Remi Dacosta (Redac Tours). The comm


As the news of the contest spread among the Badagry Fishing Net Craft group, every one began to call each other to get further details and truth about the said fishing net craft competition. The lesson was that the women were eager and on learning that participants can enter the contest as an individual or as a  group, they were all quick to proclaim that they are one and a group.  The requirements to participate in the competition includes that 50% to 100% of the craft item(s) must be produced with the use of Fishing Gears and participants can either sign up as an individual or a group crafter. The contest is open to all SOFER Initiative trained crafters and the general public. In winning, the craft work must have a good finishing, durability, creativity and of course must be relevance and useful. The market value of produced item(s) is very vital. According to Mrs Akinwunmi, the contest is another opportunity for them as a group to explore their creativity and further practice what t

Brazilian Akara / Acaraje: Yoruba bean cake in Brazil

The African ancestors took Africa with them across the Atlantic irrespective of been captives in captivity due to enslavery.  And on the subject of Akara or Acaraje, a worthy note should be given to the enslaved Yoruba who took their Akara cuisine/diet with them to Brazil and other places in the Americas.  Acaraje was derived from the Yoruba word Akara. Je literally means "eat" in Yoruba. Mo ti je ounje (I have eaten my meal). Akara taa je - Acaraje - (We eat Akara).  Anago James Akeem Osho

NIGERIA Tour Guide Master: Anago James Akeem Osho - The Profile

Anago James Akeem Osho is a professional tour guide and often referred to as Master or Chief tour guide. He has been organizing tours, providing tour guide services, promoting nature and cultural heritage and designing itineraries in Nigeria, Benin Republic and across West Africa since 1998. He is an executive member and membership Secretary1, of Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria Lagos State Chapter. His tour guide service company (Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures) was founded on knowledge and integrity. According to him, "how can anyone be a tour guide without area knowledge? Who can be a successful tour guide without integrity?". These are the basis of his works. As a tour guide, tour operator, historian, cultural and nature conservationist and storyteller, he has been the ambassador of the region to thousands of tourists from all over the world by connecting and showcasing the unique tourist attractions, history and culture of Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Gha

LATHACE 2021: The Transformation of Tourism in Lagos State By Anago Osho

The preparation for the 1st Lagos Tourism, Hospitality, Arts, and Culture Economic Summit is triggering the hope that the event will redefine the potential opportunities and image of I'mthe tourism industry in Lagos State and Nigeria in general. The summit is intentionally created to provide a podium for professional tourism entrepreneurs, and the different government agencies to interact, discuss, create cordial relationships and understand the functions or responsibilities of every practitioners, including government agencies. This is a promising enterprise propounded by Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter. It will be an annual program and the summit should be supported by all tourism associations and stakeholders because it is a united voice that will not only roar but will yield positive results. According to FTAN Lagos State Chapter Cordinator, Alhaji Summonu Daud Gbenga, "this will be the first specific sector skill economic summit in the st

Afro - Brazilian Cultural Center, Popo Aguda, Lagos Island

During the private interaction (due to the advent of covid-19 second wave scare in Nigeria) and commissioning of the Afro - Brazilian Cultural Centre, Popo Aguda, Lagos Island, by the Brazilian Descendants Association Lagos, led by Graciano Oladipo Martins on the 13th of March 2021, the community leaders expressed their joy and commented that they are glad that this communal development is happening in their time. In the speech of Papa Martins, he commented that it is a privilege to be alive to witness the establishment of the Afro - Brazilian Cultural Centre in the Popo Aguda community.  The Afro - Brazilian Cultural Centre is a place where visitors, both local and international will experience and learn about the Afro - Brazilian music, delicacies and history in Lagos Nigeria.  Papa Graciano Oladipo Martins, further complimented and thanked the developers and managers of the cultural centre; Loving Lagos (Mr Lawon Adams), Redac Tours (Mr Oluremi Dacosta) and Anago James Akeem Osho Ad

Goge Africa Travel Club and Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures

Tourists at the Fishing Hub Nest, Ilaje Fishing Village Gberefu Badagry

Tourists and some SOFFER Initiative volunteer members at the Fishing Hub Nest, Ilaje Fishing Village Gberefu Badagry, as everyone anciously awaits the the night's events under the shadow of the African moon coordinated by Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures. 

Badagry Fishing Net Gains Project and Creative tourism By Anago James Akeem Osho

Fishing Net Gains West Africa community stakeholders workshop in Badagry has come and it is intended to be periodical. The Fishing communities in Badagry who attended the four days event will never be the same again. It was not the daily facilitation by SOFER Initiative and Fisheries and Oceans Canada that was the motivation but according to Hotonu Yemi, one of the participants, "it is the eagerness to see how supposedly abandoned and useless fishing nets could be transformed into useable and sell able items like bags, basket, wall decoration, footmats, footwears and many other things". Mrs Oluwatoyin Peter, another participant, confessed that for many of them the knowledge acquired during the workshop ha opened their eyes to become critical thinkers. Now they understood the negative effects of ghost fishing nets to the water and water animals like fishes, sea turtles etc. Soffer Initiative, is raising a generation of environmentally positive conscious people. It propa

Rev. Father Borghero: The apostle of Catholism in the Afro - Brazilian Settlement in Lagos and Badagry By Anago James Akeem Osho

The history of the Catholic faith in Lagos and Badagry Without the specific mention of Fr. Francesco Borghero SMA, is incomplete. Fr. Borghero was a Catholic missionary from the order of Lyon. The first Catholic church in the Slave Coast of West Africa was built in Agoue, by an Afro -Brazilian woman named Venosa de Jesus, when the first Brazilians arrived in 1835 under the leadership of Joaquim d'Amelda. The church was burnt down and rebuilt in 1845 by Joaquim d'Ameida, a Brazilian ex - slave. Agoue (Benin Republic), became the center of Christianity. Rev. Fr. Borghero is adorably synonymous to the founding of Catholism in Lagos Island, and Badagry. According to the program for the 150th anniversary of the Catholic Church in Badagry (2nd October, 2013), "Rev. Fr. Borghero was to Badagry and Lagos at large, as was St. Paul to the Gentile nations. More so as Jerusalem was a launch base for the apostles and missionary activities, so was Dahomey (Benin republic)