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How to manage tour groups and make tourists safe during Covid - 19 By Anago James Akeem Osho

On the subject matter of managing tour groups and making tourists or visitors safe at tourist destinations or safe when they consume tourist products, it is inevitable for the methods of tourism operation not to be the same again or at least not to be the same for a period of time untill general activities return to normal.
How do we make tourists safe? Tourists and visitors can only be safe when they are managed well. How can groups be managed well? The most simple method is to strictly adhere to social distancing aside other logistics of managing groups. I will share some methods on this page.
The dream and hope of every tourism worker is for travel and tours to fully reopen in earnest and the evil covid - 19 to be a fairy tale with a happy ending.
I thought it would take a long while for international tours to return again after interruption, but Moses Chuwa, a Tanzanian tour guide made it clear to me with excitement that "Tanzania is opened to international tourists now". T…

Borrowed words: Itage - Yoruba, Etagere - French, Stage - English By Anago James Akeem Osho

Itage, pronounced e-t-ar-g-eh! Is a Yoruba word of French origin. It means stage in the Yoruba sense. Even the word stage in English is of French origin (estage), derived from Etagere.

According to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate dictionary, 11th edition; ETAGERE is a piece of furniture consisting of a piece of open shelves for displaying small objects and sometimes having an enclosed cabinet at the base.

In Yorubaland, the word Itage (from the French word Etagere) means a raised platform where activities take place e.g, acting, dancing, singing, display of products, etc. for the audience to view.

The word etagere became more popular in 1840. The trans Atlantic slave trade and the relationships between the French and Yoruba Artists would have facilitated the word in the land. Theatre, art, and culture is inseparable in Yorubaland. In fact, Yoruba epistemology and culture survived the trans Atlantic slave trade.

In the Americas, where enslaved Africans of Yoruba origin were taken, the und…

Tour guides in tourism hierarchy as Anago Osho trains Epe Tour Guides By Anago James Akeem Osho

It is great to know that despite Covid - 19 epidemic, tourism enthusiasts remain undaunted and hopeful. This was the character depicted at the tourism and tour guide training at Epe in Lagos State. 
Despite the absolute effect of covid - 19 on tourism, it still remains the hope of many communities for employment opportunities, nature and heritage conservation, as they work the epidemic to be a thing of the past by practising social distancing and other covid - 19 measures and wish normal activities to resume.

Epe is one of the most popular historical towns in Lagos - Nigeria. The people of the town took advantage of Covid - 19 experience to identify the tourism potentials and attraction sites in their community and the experience was life changing according to the participants.
The training was facilitated by Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures. It was a collaboration between West African Tour Guide Association Nigeria Chapter, National Guild of Nigeria Tour Guides and CNI (Concerned Natio…

Door of Return Ceremony, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria 2019

During the Door of Return ceremony 2019 in Badagry, with Diasporan Americans from the U.S.A, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Brazil, the Badagry local government chairman; Hon Onilude, Multiple Award winning Curator, Historian and Tour Guide, Anago James Akeem Osho and Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa; Chair person, Nigeria Diaspora commission.

Goge Africa Tourism Training Workshop Postponed due to covid-19

How do we revitalize tourism enterprises after covid-19? By Anago James Akeem Osho

I got a message from Mr Olemu, a freelance tour guide and high school teacher at Ibadan, Nigeria, and a member of the West African Tour Guide Association Nigeria. He wrote, "How do we revitalize tourism enterprises after covid-19?". This is one important question on the mind of every tourism and hospitality practitioners from around the world and the answer in my opinion is not farfetched. 

I doubt if there is anyone who don't know that there is an economic recession at the moment in every country. This untoward economic hur-rah affects both the rich and poor in it's character. Every country either big or small is affected and it will take a while for situations to return to normalcy.

International travel may take longer to kick off as the aftermath of covid-19 will result to temporary stigmatization, reorganization and countries which used to enjoy large influx of tourists like Italy, France, etc. will record very low patronage from both local and international touris…

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One on one Tourism Gist, January 2020 with Anago James Akeem Osho Powered by Nigerian Tourism Lovers



Anago James Akeem Osho @Anago Osho Adventures is an award winning Tour Guide and Director. He is an Historian, Curator, Heritage and Nature Conservationist. He is an Ambassador for DNA Tested Yoruba of Nigeria and their matches in Africa Diaspora. He is a member of Imperial African History and Genetic Genealogical Society U.S.A and the President of West African Tour Guide Association Nigerian Chapter. Anago James Akeem Osho have helped over a thousand African descendants in diaspora to know that they have at least one African relative. He founded Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures, Badagry Historical Tours, and Benin Republic English Tour, African Slave Ports Project and he is the co-founder of African Children Welfare and Education Services.

Join us this Saturday by 6pm on WhatsApp with our lovely host *DADAGEH*


[25/01 17:57] IBM 3: Quick inform…


Attention! This concerns the new Eco currency that is originally the brain child of all West African countries aimed at liberating and uniting West Africa both economically and historically.

The new Eco currency will really liberate the French speaking African nations and help them develop but many knows that France will not throw in the towel.

The schemes and schism of France was revealed when President Macron of France visited Coted'voire (Ivory Coast) and announced that France will change the name of Fcefa to Eco, which will be spent in 8 french speaking countries only, deviating from the original plan of ECOWAS for the Eco currency to be spent in all Ecowas states and now France is trying to hijack the idea to keep the statusquo.

Nothing will change except the name.

Attention! This call is about Brother Kemi Seba who had been the voice of the youths and the voiceless in the French speaking world.

Kemi Seba was born in France but relocated to Senegal and unfortunately was la…

Haitian American Returns Home By Anago James Akeem Osho

After months of planning, the D-Day is finally here. I left Lome-Togo early to cross the border into Benin Republic to pick Gina. It was about 3hrs drive from Lome to Cotonou. Members of my team were already at the Cotonou Airport to recieve cousin Gina.

It was divine and predestinated to meet Gina Corneille, a conscious sister whose objective and fulfilment in life is to one day finally repatriate to continental Africa. She reminds me of Erika Badu. Her consciousness is an aroma. You can smell it, feel it, see it because it's signage is written all over her.

It was a long flight from Bangladesh where she works as a high school English teacher in the American International school. According to her, the flight was long and tiring as she had to board three aeroplanes before she finally arrived at the Beninoise Cotonou Airport.

I arrived at the airport at around 11.20 a.m and Gina's flight was scheduled to arrive by 12.30 p.m. A heroes welcome was planned for her. As she eventual…

Anago James Akeem Osho YouTube channel

This channel aims to educate and promote African and World Culture, Mythology, Art, and History aimed at preserving Heritages through exhibitions, museum display, seminars, conferences and creative Anthropological research, Adventures, Travel and Tourism.

Anago James Akeem Osho is a creative and passionate research support, Tour guide, historian, curator, public speaker, culture promoter, author, actor, childcare, roots, nature and heritage conservationist. Anago James Akeem Osho has worked with professionals from diverse subject background and travelers from all over the world. He teaches visitors about Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Togo, West Africa, Africa, Africa Diaspora and it's history, people, locations and it's many land marks and exciting attractions.
Anago Osho was a member of the Demosite Management Committee of the COAST Project in Badagry from 2009-2012, organiz…


Less than a year ago, I realized that the dedication to hard work as a Tour Guide has prompted other potentials in me, such as the psychological ability to understand the needs of my clients and be able to meet up with their requests and expectations, and other abilities like public speaking and research.

These potentials have tremendously helped to shape how I present my narratives to the tourists/visitors. Tour guide is not a lay man’s job, it is an art that requires good knowledge and understanding.

The earnest desire to satisfy my tourists travel or special needs, created a marketing niche and promotion for me. My niche is referrals which I get constantly. Such memorable tours which I give usually establish an impression on the mind of my tourists. According to some visitors who had been on my tours, especially historical and cultural tours, it had been asserted that my narratives and passion for history are unconsciously re-enacting the past in the present. To them, their tour gu…

Takwa Bay: Good morning

Takwa bay is a place to be in Lagos, Nigeria, with calm beach and different activities to spice your deserved fun.
+234 (0)8037043233

Tour Guide students and their teacher/trainer, Anago Osho

Tour Guide students and their Trainer, Anago James Akeem Osho, at Imani Leadership Institute, Lagos, Nigeria in a group photograph after a class.

Anago James Akeem Osho recieves a Resource Person/Tour Guide Trainer Certificate from Dr Kathy, the President of Imani Bridges U.S.A, and Imani Bridges Leadership Institute

It was a memorable experience as Anago James Akeem Osho recieves a Resource Person/Tour Guide Trainer Certificate from Dr Kathy, the President of Imani Bridges U.S.A, and Imani Bridges Leadership Institute.

It was fulfilling as his Tourism and Tour Guide students watches and applauded him. The students confessed that they count themselves fortunate to have been trained by the number one and most popular tour guide in Nigeria and West Africa. The students also got certificates for the completion of their level 1 Tour Guide training module from Imani Leadership Institute. It was fulfilling for all of them. They all look forward to going back to class to complete their level two and three training.

The tourism and tour guide students confessed that they feel prepared already with the right foundation to explore the tourism industry in Nigeria. Some of the students are tourism enthusiasts from Ghana, and Benin Republic.

The Tourism and Tour Guide class has a module that will span a total…

Anago Osho, Ambassador for DNA Tested Yorubas of Nigeria

Anago James Akeem Osho has been appointed as Ambassador for DNA Tested Yorubas of Nigeria and their matches in diaspora since August 1st, 2019 by Imperial African History and Genetic Genealogical Society, U.S.A also known as DNA Tested Africans Descendants.

The organization was founded by Nee C. Naja Levoe, an American who took an African name known as Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri. According to her, Anago have helped them to learn about their origins as well as taken them to several historical locations in Africa. This has given them back at least 450 years of lost history.

Anago Osho has worked to help thousands of Africans/Blacks in diaspora to learn about Africa and encouraged them to visit. He has toured them on historical and heritage conservation trips through his organization known as Anago Osho Adventures and Heritage Preservation.
Anago's duties as the Ambassador for Dna tested Yorubas in Nigeria includes 1,To encouraging Africans to take autosomal DNA test, 2, Act as a lia…

Ambassador Anago James Akeem Osho

Anago James Akeem Osho: Journey into Tourism

The journey into tourism for Anago James Akeem Osho, began at a tender age. It was the combination of love for books, history, folktales, nature and travels with his father, brother and a country that inspired him.
He grew up reading tourism magazines, adventure books, travelling and listening to Yoruba lores from his grandmother at Ebute Metta. The African past, world history and culture appeals to him. His works today are aimed at teaching history, Social Science, re-enacting the positive past, rediscovering tourism potential communities, sites and preserving the environment and historic heritage.
His knowledge of international tourism through Malaysia became his model and actually paved the way for his foundation and faith in the posibility of utopia in the African tourism industry. In 1990, he recieved a letter and a set of publications on Malaysia for his information and reference from PERBADANAN KEMAJUAN PELANCONGAN MALAYSIA, Tourist Development Corporation (TDC). According to …

C.e.o of Nigeria Travel Week and Anago Osho at Radisson Group African Workshop

Mr Efetobo Awhana, C.e.o of Nigeria Travel Week/Avantgarde tours and Anago James Akeem Osho, C.e.o of Anago Osho Adventures/Tour Guide Nigeria Company/Benin Republic English Tour/Gloryfilled Children Home, at a (specially invited) African Workshop organized by Radisson Group at Radisson Blue Hotel Ikeja, Lagos.