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She returned, deprived by the Atlantic en-slave trade

It's Ella's first time on a Keke (Tuk Tuk). It's also her first time in Nigeria. She's Afro-British from England. All she desired was to experience the day to day lifestyle of the people of Nigeria as she feel a connection with the country. She wispered to me "Anago, i want my children to marry Nigerians". She yearn to be reconnected physically and spiritually. I also took her to Badagry where she walked on the Slave route among other things and also experienced Anago Osho's "Badagry Beyond the Chain Project".  Her walks on the street of Lagos, numerous Culture shocks, her waving at people, cleaning her sweaty face with hankerchief, trying her bargaining prowness with the market women at Balogun Market Lagos Island, measuring the waist beads she brought, eating boli and epa (roasted plantain and groundnut), her mentoring conversation with young Nigerian girls, traditional prayers from the elders at the ancient Kosoko palace, learning Yoruba langu
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The Secret of twins and multiple births at Igbo Ora By Anago Osho

I can't but remember my last trip to Igbo Ora during the last World Tourism Festival, 2022. It wasn't my first time in the area but I must give cudos to Taiwo and Kehinde Oguntoye, the community and the different supporters of the festival for a job well done and their pleasant hospitality to visitors from around the world. It was like Christmas and new year celebration. The state governor and it's entourage should be appreciated and their presence ignited the importance of the festival.  At the eve of the festival, the female members of our team became curious about the mystery of multiple birth that is unique to this ancient Yoruba town. It is important to acknowledge that the Yorubas revere twins so much that twins, multiple births and their mothers are respected and idolized. As a graduate of Tourism and Social Science, I know that the peculiarity of the multiple births and fertility in this community is connected to the people and the  environment they live in. Taiwo a

Owerri Experience with Nigeria Association Tour Operators AGM 2022

The Nigeria Association of Tour Operators (NATOP) AGM 2022 The Owerri experience is worthy of note as the state ministry of tourism and practitioners of tourism and hospitality in Imo State worked together to showcase the best of what the state has to offer. The savour of  Owerri will remain on every participants tongue and of note is the soup, ofeowerri. Sitted are the panelists, and the event was moderated by Ambassador Ikechi Uko.

Africa Diaspora reunites with Nigeria and Benin Republic

The return of Africa Diaspora to the motherland is pilgrimage back to the source. It is the family Reunion.  As Africa Diaspora reunites with it's missing link, it is the celebration of life, hope, social and cultural development and unity in diversity.  This trip is unique because of the participants and it's a two country tour. Every one, from the tour leader, Rev. Honeywell, Dr Mike, Dieula, Rev. Yolanda, Claudia, Gail, Ingrid and Valerie were special and the land and people will be with them forever. It was unique because of the purpose of the reunion. When Africa Diaspora reunites with Africans in the motherland, it is a family reunion. These folks re-visit for a purpose and that should come first; "the purpose". Rev. Honeywell, the founder of Africa Journeys, stated from the beginning of the trip of the interest to only visit "local restaurants" and the groups interest to buy items that contribute directly to families and local economy of Nigeria and B

Tourism, Nigerian airlines and fiery jokes By Anago James Akeem Osho

 ".... The driver will pick you up at the airport". This was the voice of Victor "E", on the other side of the mobile phone at Aso Estate, Abuja. "Okay, see you soon", i responded. My journey to Abuja on Air Peace was scheduled for 14:25 P.M, on flight P47126, on the 23rd of June, 2022 and i have planned my time very well, to avoid the stories that touch, like "to be late to the airport", "to miss my flight" or to "be held back by regular Lagos traffic". I got to the local wing of Murtala Mohammed International Airport by 10:54 A.M. I checked in and sat at the departure lounge around 11:08 A.M. As i began to study the itinerary for my next tour, i was caught up by my knowledge of physiognomy as the looks on the faces of passengers who mostly are Nigerians reveals hope, aspiration, joy, tiredness, frusteration and suddenly, i was awakened from my art by the male voice of the flight announcer. "We are sorry to announce the

OSU OF NIGERIA is not the same as OSU OF GHANA by Anago Osho

  Hello Chief Naja Chinyere Njoku. It's great to see your Researching to See If there is a Genetic Connection between the Osu people in Ghana 🇬🇭 and the Osu people of Eastern Part of Nigeria 🇳🇬 ?  OSU OF NIGERIA is not the same as OSU OF GHANA The Osu of Ghana and the Osu that are found in Igboland in South East Nigeria are not related. The Osu in Igboland, Nigeria are regarded as outcasts and seen as the forbidden group at a time but that is changing. Though they are Igbo, the major groups don't allow their children or families to marry from this sect and disloyalty to this unwritten laws many years ago used to come with grave consequences. The Osu are not supported to hold political positions etc. Although the reality is there but everyone shy away from discussing this. The Osu were victims of local slavery dedicated to the service of their owners or slaves of particular deities. Today, many of their descendants are in great position because of the missionaries acti

James Akeem Anago-Osho (also known as Anago James Akeem Osho and Anago Osho) is a Curator, Professional tourist guide, DNA Tested African Ambassador, Tourist Guide Trainer, Storyteller, Heritage trail producer, Sustainable and community based tourism expert.

James Akeem Anago-Osho (also known as Anago James Akeem Osho and Anago Osho) is a Curator, Professional tourist guide, DNA Tested African Ambassador, Tourist Guide Trainer, Storyteller, Heritage trail producer, Sustainable and community based tourism expert.  


The question arise if covid 19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise to the tourism industry and the practitioners. I think the experience differs from one person to another, group to groups, company to companies, and from one country to another but are we really out of this one? Just a thought. The effect of the pandemic should be personified. Everyone has a unique story to tell. It was a terrible timeline in the history of tour guiding and most hotels became gravely. The covid 19 pause on the world timeline was beneficient to the environment, as environmental degradation was halted and plants regenerated and animals reproduced and ecotourism thrived on it's own. The negative effect of human activities on nature was reduced. It gave ecotourism practitioners and activists hope for regeneration. The effect of the pandemic is still felt, either directly or indirectly.  Tourism practitioners, tourist guides, etc. in tourist destination communities can not singularly convince the locals

Origin of Black people in Diaspora

Dear African people, Do You know that you  Are the origin of Black people in diaspora? Do you know that African Americans, Haitians, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Cubans,  Jamaicans, Afro-Belizians, Barbadians,  Afro-Panamans,Trinidad & Tobagoans,  Afro-Mexicans, Afro-Puerto Ricans, Black-Britons, Black-Nova Scotians, And so many more are originally from  Your villages and towns? Anago Osho

5th International Tour Guides Day in Nigeria

Group photograph during the 5th "International Tour Guides Day" 2022 Celebration in Nigeria on February 21, 2022, by the Association of History, Nature and Culture Tour Guides (AHNACTG) and West Africa Tour Guides Association (WATGA) Nigeria Chapter in Badagry, Lagos. #anagooshoadventures #internationaltourguidesday  #wftga  @ahnactourguidesnigeria 

Anago Osho speaks as Rotary District 9110 Nigeria hosts District 9212 Kenya on a Friendship Exchange program

Rotary District 9110 hosted a Team of Rotarians from District 9212 Kenya, on a Rotary Friendship Exchange program in Lagos, Nigeria. Anago Osho was invited as a guest speaker to talk about the history of Lagos during the Rotary Club of Lagos luncheon for Kenyan Rotarians in Lagos, Nigeria. It was a privilege for participants to learn some Swahili words which has become the official language of Africa. From Adna Hotel Ikeja GRA, the guests were taken to Ikoyi Club 1938 where the guests were received by executives of the club.

Oranmiyan and Ile Ife, the home of expansion By Anago Osho

Ile Ife is the origin of the Yoruba race. It's the spiritual headquarter of all Yoruba race wherever they are found. That's why it's called the source.  Who is Oranmiyan? He's one of the youngest children of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba race. Just as Ife can not be separated from it's kings and kingdoms, far and wide, so also is the story of Ife and Oranmiyan. Oranmiyan founded Oyo. He was a warrior king extraordinaire. He was the first Alaafin of Oyo. He was the father of King Sango (who became a god, and deified by his followers after his death) and King Ajaka.  It was King Sango who liberated the Oyo's from the Owu and stopped the payments of tribute to the Olowu. The present Oba (king) or royal family of Benin Kingdom, Edo State in Nigeria are descendants of Eweka, the son of Oranmiyan. When Oranmiyan left Benin, he installed his son, Eweka as the new king. The Alaafin of Oyo and the Oba of Benin are brothers.  There is a place at Ife called "O


As a child I wanted to have many children. Honestly I was thinking of founding my own village, because I was born in the urban of Africa and travelled a lot with my late dad.  To me, the thoughts of old Africa is the realization or experience of paradise. Old Africa is the example of the paradise we quest. Those who lived in Africa before the Arabic and European invasion lived in paradise. Indigenous people at different corners of the world once had similar experiences. I can never forget the tales told by my grandmother, "Mamoo" at Ebute Metta.  The people of old Africa were contented with what they have. That society was ruled by ancestral laws and no one was above the law, including the king. Ofcourse, there were tribal wars but diplomacy existed among Africans. A people with thousands of languages and ethnic groups, who co-existed and sorted their differences the African way. I used to imagine how beautiful it is for those that are born in the villages. To wake up to go t

Anago Osho at the tomb of Bishop Ajayi Crowther in the premises of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos, built originally in 1867.


Isale Eko Historical Walking Tour Photo Credit: Anago Osho Adventures