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Tourists at the Fishing Hub Nest, Ilaje Fishing Village Gberefu Badagry

Tourists and some SOFFER Initiative volunteer members at the Fishing Hub Nest, Ilaje Fishing Village Gberefu Badagry, as everyone anciously awaits the the night's events under the shadow of the African moon coordinated by Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures. 

Badagry Fishing Net Gains Project and Creative tourism By Anago James Akeem Osho

href="" style="display: block; padding: 1em 0; text-align: center; "> Fishing Net Gains West Africa community stakeholders workshop in Badagry has come and it is intended to be periodical. The Fishing communities in Badagry who attended the four days event will never be the same again. It was not the daily facilitation by SOFER Initiative and Fisheries and Oceans Canada that was the motivation but according to Hotonu Yemi, one of the participants, "it is the eagerness to see how supposedly abandoned and useless fishing nets could be transformed into useable and sell able items like bags, basket, wall decoration, footmats, footwears and many other things". Mrs Oluwatoyin Peter, another participant, confessed that for many of them the knowledge acquired during the workshop ha opened their eyes to become critical th

Rev. Father Borghero: The apostle of Catholism in the Afro - Brazilian Settlement in Lagos and Badagry By Anago James Akeem Osho

The history of the Catholic faith in Lagos and Badagry Without the specific mention of Fr. Francesco Borghero SMA, is incomplete. Fr. Borghero was a Catholic missionary from the order of Lyon. The first Catholic church in the Slave Coast of West Africa was built in Agoue, by an Afro -Brazilian woman named Venosa de Jesus, when the first Brazilians arrived in 1835 under the leadership of Joaquim d'Amelda. The church was burnt down and rebuilt in 1845 by Joaquim d'Ameida, a Brazilian ex - slave. Agoue (Benin Republic), became the center of Christianity. Rev. Fr. Borghero is adorably synonymous to the founding of Catholism in Lagos Island, and Badagry. According to the program for the 150th anniversary of the Catholic Church in Badagry (2nd October, 2013), "Rev. Fr. Borghero was to Badagry and Lagos at large, as was St. Paul to the Gentile nations. More so as Jerusalem was a launch base for the apostles and missionary activities, so was Dahomey (Benin republic)

The Slave House: Porto Seguro and Agbodrafo - Togo By Anago James Akeem Osho

By Anago James Akeem Osho  Porto Seguro is locally known as Agbodrafo. It is a town in southern Togo found on the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Togo. It is a community which grew around a Portuguese fort which is still standing near the Slave House. It was the Portuguese who named the town Porto Seguro, and the name is still in use and recognized, but the people maintained the local name Agbodrafo. Agbodrafo is vivid on signages and government listings.  The town's historical past and niche in the clandestine slave trade is still noticeable in the slave house also called "the well of the chained ones", some family compounds, and folklores; which seems to be gradually eroding away into the sea and may be lost if not collected and documented.  The slave House was owned and built in 1835 by a Scottish  slave trader named John Henry Wood. The house was called "The Wood Home". It was known as the Slave House by slave traders, but was referred ordinarily as the

Group celebrates Anago James Akeem Osho

  The  international visitors who could have cancelled their trip to Badagry eventually arrived on Saturday the 21st of November, 2020 with high hopes. The tour was the first of it's kind since the advent of covid 19 pandemic. It was a reunion as two of the visitors had been to Badagry before. One of the highlight of the tour was to celebrate Anago Osho, in addition to the numerous awards and recognitions he has received through the years and that their group, led by tour leader Miss Jane is proud to associate with his tenacity, integrity and passion. The group congratulated him on his ambassadorial and chieftaincy in Benin Republic, his induction at Abuja Jabamah presented by Ikechi Uko, Best Tour Guide Award during the Nigeria Tourism Awards 2019, at the Nigeria Travel week. Heritage Promoter Award in Tourism at the Nigeria Heritage Summit and Awards etc. 

International tourists return to Badagry

International tourists return to Badagry Tourism thrives when there is peace, good health and tranquillity and whenever the reverse is the case, tourism practitioners are usually the major victims. Before the Corona virus, the ebola pandemic disorganized tourism activities in Badagry then, and now the Corona virus. Of course some practitioners learnt a bitter lesson and at the moment tourism industry diehard stakeholders though shakened by the Covid - 19 pandemic remained undaunted and hopeful despite the short comings.  It has been quite a while since the people of the "Alluring Badagry" received international visitors in the town and at it's museums, hotels, parks, beaches, Slave routes and heritage sites. The covid - 19 pandemic took a toll on world economy, safety and health and the tourism, travel and hospitality industry was the hardest hit. The ancient town of Badagry; a tourist destination, was greatly affected by the pandemic and everyone though  hopeful had a si

Ojumu's Court (Ugha Ojumu), a tourist destination in Owo Kingdom By Anago Osho

At the ancient building, there are many ughas (courtyards)  with different  functions: Bats   There are several colonies of bats In the building flying unhindered which has been in existence since the 16th centuries with each colony containing 1,000- 5,000 bats. The first Ojumu baba Akete brought these mammals from Udanre / Idanre during his migration to Owo in the 16th centuries (See the origin /history of Ojumu).  Below are some items available at the ancient Uli or ugha ase, (Kitchen/dining). Grinding stone (Ota ulota)  Clay cooking pots Ornamental carved wooden serving plate known as opan urunje.  *All over 500 yrs old* Wooding ceilings dated over 500 yrs. The 4 Traditional Olusorope drums and attendants: Each time the drummer sights baba Ojumu either coming in or going out, they will swing into action by beating the drums to eulogise him.  The entrance to the ancestral abode of Eegun Omaalaka (Omaalaka masquerade) is important. The ugha Ojumu is currently undergoing a massive face

History of the Igogo Festival Owo, Ondo State By Anago James Akeem Osho

During my interview with Chief Tunde Onibode, i quickly asked him if slavery activities and relics could still be seen or are kept at the palace, shrines or family compounds at Owo. I asked, "Sir, are there no slave history in owo? He simply responded by saying, "What Owo is best known for is Igogo, though many households owns slaves in the olden days". We began to discuss about the ancient festival and its relevant to the people of Owo. History The Igogo festival began over 600 years ago during the reign of the late Olowo Rerengejen. The monarch married Oronsen, a beautiful and affluent queen who had, unknown to the king, supernatural powers. She enriched the monarch and she was loved by the monarch. Queen Oronsen insisted on certain taboos. She insisted that nobody should grind Okra in her presence or pour water into the yard. In addition, anyone arriving from the farm must not lump a load of firewood. King Rerengejen cautioned his other wives not to carry out any of t

Badagry commends Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures

The certificate of Commendation was signed by the chairman, Hon. Onilude Teliat, and presented on behalf of the local government chairman by Hon. Sunday Gbewa, the Supervisor for budget and Social development, Badagry Local Government to Anago Osho. Hon. Samson Apata, the Supervisor for tourism and environment, encouraged tourism stakeholders not to relent in their effort to develop Badagry tourism.  According to Anago Osho, the founder and Managing Director of Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures, Benin Republic English Tour, and African Slave Ports Project, action speaks louder than words. His works are been driven by passion as he is often on the road of historic discoveries.  Record attested that through the years, he has dedicated himself and his company to the historical promotion of West Africa and the "the alluring Badagry". He sees it as his duty and contribution to his generation and especially the reconnection of Africa Diaspora and the African continent through the e


Despite the early morning traffic in the heart of Lagos as Lagosians brace up to the closure of the Third Mainland Bridge, the FTAN Lagos state chapter members arrived early to the executive inauguration and thisday will forever be a memorable day in the history of Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter. The executive inauguration meeting was anchored by the FTAN SOUTH WEST, VICE PRESIDENT, Chief Otunba Ayo Olumoko, who encouraged  every executive members to be dedicated, hopeful and put their ideas into action for the transformation of the tourism industry in Lagos State and Nigeria. Chief Otunba Olumoko noted that tourism organizations and practitioners in Lagos and Nigeria should continue to be friendly with government agencies. He continued that as every tourism entrepreneurs seek government actions in creating an enabling environment for tourism activities to improve and also seek policy makers attention, it is imminent for tourism professionals to conti

West African Tour Guide Association Nigeria Chapter


As I read the post on how National Arts Theatre Rehabilitation will generate about 10,000 jobs, at this point in time i don't know if I should be happy or not. It is a good thing to renovate the National Arts Theatre. Honestly it is really due and the place brings profound childhood memories to me as my late dad usually drives us to the theatre to watch movies and we meet other kids. It was really fun and we look forward to it every week back then, but I am thinking that if the CBN is the one in charge now as it had been handed over to them, is it not as good as been "sold" or transferred to another government agency that is controlled by private individuals who owns private banks and has stakes in the Central bank? If the Federal government is saying they don't have money, where will Central Bank of Nigeria get the money to renovate the National Art Theatre from? I hope people won't loose their jobs as it may become the case of "he who pays the piper dictate

Abuja: Promoting Abuja as a unique tourist destination By Anago James Akeem Osho

Abuja is a deliberately created capital city of Nigeria and its historical relevance in the history of Nigeria is one among other factors that stamped it on the tourism map of Nigeria. The tour of Abuja to a first time visitor will create the imagery of the true African dream state, characterized by nature, history, culture and modernity. Abuja is a planned city and it is relatively different from many places I have visited in Africa. It is uninteresting that despite the unique tourism potentials of this great tourist destination, the tourist products providers in the territory have knot fully understood the magnitude of the opportunities and if they do, they must understand or reorganize how trips are packaged around this great city. The multiple characteristics of Abuja are rare in many tourist destinations. It is a city that encourages the professional and knowledgeable tour guide to exhibit his passion for work. The characters of Abuja from the past, present and hope of a huge futu

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