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Nigeria Tourism Week encourages tourism practitioners like Anago James Osho

The nomination news came to Anago Osho when someone called him that he has been nominated in the tourism award ceremony coming up in Nigeria. To him, it means that someone or some people have been noticing the hard work of him and other awardees. This won't be his first award but the organizers are very credible and professional in their field.

The Nigerian tourism week scheduled for November is not just a boost for tourism in the country but also an encouragement for the professionals in the industry.

Anago James Osho was nominated in the Nigeria Tourism Week coming up in November, 2017, as the best 'TOUR GUIDE'. For Anago James Osho to win, everyone can vote for him online

Omotola Itayemi commented that the NTW targets about 20 million domestic travelers in Nigeria within five years.

The tourism and hospitality business in Nigeria is growing despite it's challenges. It is not what it used to be when Anago Osho Tourism Adventures beg…