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Questions on the mind of a Black Youth by Anago Osho

*Should the past be forgotten?
*Are there repercussions either positive or negative in the events of the past?
*What is your thought on the Slave trade?
*Do you think there are consequences when Mankind enslave each other?
*Do you think the problem of Africa and the various Black communities around the world are partly caused   by the Slave trade?
 *Why is it that majority of those who live in the ghettos and slums of the cities of the world are Blacks?
*Why is it that the poorest nations in the world are inhabited by black people?
*Do you think the problems of Africa and Blacks in Diaspora are spiritual?
*Do you think the various problems could be solved spiritually?
*What do you think of these thoughts?

Anago James Akeem Osho after a Tourism COAST PROJECT PRRT Assessment programme.

Anago James Akeem Osho after a PRRT For stakeholders assessment in the Badagry Demosteration site Area. Collaborative Action For Sustainable Tourism (COAST PROJECT) organized by UNIDO, UNEP, and UNWTO.