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An encounter with Anago at Seriki Abass Slave Museum



                                    An encounter with Anago at Seriki Abass Slave Museum
 13.Aug.2014  DISQUS_COMMENTS     Wale Ojo-Lanre
TOUR Guide is not a layman’s job, it is an art that requires good knowledge and understanding, just like every other person in their fields, tour guides are also professionals.
What distinguishes a professional tour guide from a quack who only finds himself in the job because of survival is easily noticed, via his approach, disposition, charisma and even the appearance.
A recent encounter with James Anago Osho at the Brazilian Baracoon in Badagry reveals him as one of the few professional tour guides in Nigeria  who is proficient in the job through passion and determination to do better
To Anago , “all these things and especially the  contributions of my  father who always forced me  and my  brothers to read history and story books in our quest for knowledge about African history, Culture and tradition made me to develop more than passing interest in this act.”
Anago Osho, a middle-aged man is many in one; he is a creative artist, historian, tour guide, drummer, dancer, artisan, writer and all these entire he does excellently.
In Badagry , Anago is always there sharing   his experience and educating people especially on African peoples, culture and history  whenever the opportunities  beckons.
 One is not sure whether Anago studied tour guide and history in school, but it is obvious from his approach and explanation, that he has mastered the modern technique of conducting tour and tourists.
To him, his love for the job is borne out of the zeal to inform the world the truth about African countries and people and at the same time change the mindset of the whites especially the western world on their “obnoxious views and perception about Africans’ history and culture.”
Telling us who is a tour guide, Anago said “ a tour guide is an ambassador who should relate with tourist in a manner that ginger interest in them and also   do everything politely to satisfy their  curiosity.
The way I approach people is to make everybody happy and enthusiastic about what they came for, the relationship between a tour guide and tourist must create an impression throughout the stay and a memorable experience.
“All tourists are the same, but it is important for a tour guide to study and observe what really interest a particular client. A tour guide must be psychological in his approach and sociological in briefing. He must take

NCMM celebrates World Heritage Day in Badagry with Anago James Akeem Osho

World Heritage Day - Anago James Akeem Osho lecturing the Staffs of National Commission For Museums and Monuments around the attraction centres in Badagry on 29-04-2014.

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Seriki Faremi Williams Abass of Badagry

In 1895, Chief Seriki Faremi Williams Abass became the paramount ruler of Badagry
Anago Osho, Tour Guiding Tourists at the Barracoon