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BADAGRY WALKING TOURS by Anago James Akeem Osho (Historian, Curator, Author and story teller)

This is the Tour of the Historical Sites in Badagry as defined by Anago James Akeem Osho
Stop 1: THE SERIKI FAREMI WILLIAMS ABASS SLAVE MUSEUM: A Barracoon is a Spanish word for a house. Maybe a poor peoples house. It became popular with the trans-Atlantic slave trade. A Baracoon is popularly referred to as a Jail, Slave store or Slave cell in English). The Brazillian Barracoon of Seriki Abass was built for him by his Brazilian slave merchant friends in 1840. It was handed over to him been their African collaborator. Chief Seriki Ifaremilekun Williams Abass himself was once a slave boy who became a Slave trader. Visit the compound to know how he
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