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Lagos City Tours

The tour could last for a day and three nights. It is a very unusual trips that should be photographed or videoed for reference. It is a trip beyound words. come and experience Lagos with your tour guide Anago Osho Adventures .

Tour of Lagos Metropolitan and Visit to some part of Abeokuta 

Lagos is a beautiful place with History and Culture. It is a land of acquatic splendor. It has both rivers, ponds, swamps, seas, and lagoons. It has a royal King that is paramount called the Oba of Lagos whose palace is at Iga Iduganran, Lagos Island. There are other kings and chiefs too. The city has a lot of museums and monuments. The beauty and the experience of Lagos can not be described in words. Only a personal experience will do. Lagos is more pleasant than what people read overseas and at times you begin to wonder if there is a deliberate attempt to destroy the image of the place. Come and experience culture and history.
Lagos is relatively safer than most cities in the world, yet there are security agents on the trip to keep an eye of safety on the visitors.


1, National Museum Onikan
2, Freedom Park
3, Lekki conservation center
4, GetArena
5, Lekki Market 
6, Nike Art Gallery
7, Slave history tour: 
Badagry, Epe or Lekki slave tour
8, Anago Osho Adventures 
9, Epe Tours
10, Takwa Bay
11, Tinubu Square 
12, Shopping
13, Olumo ROCK Abeokuta
14, Adire Market
15, National Museum Abeokuta 
16, Egba-Dahomey War and Slave history

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