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Trip with Anago James Akeem Osho and Anago Osho Adventures in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo and West Africa

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About Anago James Akim Osho

Anago James Akeem Osho is an enigma known as the ''African Griot'', ''Anago Prince'' and fondly called 'Babalode'' by his admirers. His creativity and passion for World culture and hisorical tours, tour guiding, museum management, folklore and heritage preservation is a living childhood passion.

He helps Diaspora Blacks to reconnect to the African roots. He is an award winning tour guide that encourages sustainable tourism and Eco tourism.
Anago believes that the world could be more peaceful if other peoples culture are known and understood by others.
He founded Anago Osho Adventures and Heritage Preservation and Benin Republic English Tour. He manages Badagry Historical Tours and Abeokuta Historical Tours. He is the Nigerian Chapter President of West African Tour Guide Association (WATGA NIGERIA). He trains Tour Guides around Africa.
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Antropological trips with Anago James Akeem Osho

Anago James Akeem Osho on Adventure trip in 2005

Walter C. Carrington, former U.S Ambassador and his wife Arese, on a Slave history tour with Anago Osho

Anago James Akeem Osho toured former American Ambassador to Nigeria and Senegal, Walter Carrington, his wife, Arese Carrington, and friends on a slave history tour of Badagry and Lagos.

Walter Carrington was the United States Ambassador to Senegal from 1980 to 1981. In 1993, U.S President Bill Clinton appointed him as the U.S Ambassador to


Yes i am mad. What is wrong with the young African minds. Go back to history and see where we are coming from. Our minds are polluted and you think you know what you are doing and are better than others because you go to the church or mosque? The Holy books teach better. Do not follow men, follow the divine.

The hope of Africa are the youths and everywhere i have traveled to in Africa, the youths are not empowered and they just watch and try to survive by ''doing anything'', traveling abroad to make ends meet and care for their families and often time meet their water loo. 

See what is going on in Libya as young Africans are sold in public. Slavery continues in Mauritania and the slaves are Black. No one is talking about the Arabs, Chinese etc. taking over Africa. It is a conscious effort. The youth seems not to be aware or care less about events around them but seems to have forgotten that they are the miracle and hope that the continent seek.

I am going to…

DISCOVER AND TOUR NIGERIA With Anago James Akeem Osho +2348037043233

Polly Alakija was visited at her Park view Estate studio by Anago James Osho, Mrs Udo Ime (NATOP's General Secreatary) and Micheal Balogun

Nigeria Tourism Week encourages tourism practitioners like Anago James Osho

The nomination news came to Anago Osho when someone called him that he has been nominated in the tourism award ceremony coming up in Nigeria. To him, it means that someone or some people have been noticing the hard work of him and other awardees. This won't be his first award but the organizers are very credible and professional in their field.

The Nigerian tourism week scheduled for November is not just a boost for tourism in the country but also an encouragement for the professionals in the industry.

Anago James Osho was nominated in the Nigeria Tourism Week coming up in November, 2017, as the best 'TOUR GUIDE'. For Anago James Osho to win, everyone can vote for him online

Omotola Itayemi commented that the NTW targets about 20 million domestic travelers in Nigeria within five years.

The tourism and hospitality business in Nigeria is growing despite it's challenges. It is not what it used to be when Anago Osho Tourism Adventures beg…