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Nigeria Tourism Awards

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Polly Alakija was visited at her Park view Estate studio by Anago James Osho, Mrs Udo Ime (NATOP's General Secreatary) and Micheal Balogun

Nigeria Tourism Week encourages tourism practitioners like Anago James Osho

The nomination news came to Anago Osho when someone called him that he has been nominated in the tourism award ceremony coming up in Nigeria. To him, it means that someone or some people have been noticing the hard work of him and other awardees. This won't be his first award but the organizers are very credible and professional in their field.

The Nigerian tourism week scheduled for November is not just a boost for tourism in the country but also an encouragement for the professionals in the industry.

Anago James Osho was nominated in the Nigeria Tourism Week coming up in November, 2017, as the best 'TOUR GUIDE'. For Anago James Osho to win, everyone can vote for him online

Omotola Itayemi commented that the NTW targets about 20 million domestic travelers in Nigeria within five years.

The tourism and hospitality business in Nigeria is growing despite it's challenges. It is not what it used to be when Anago Osho Tourism Adventures beg…

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American defends Nigeria

Bata drum performance at Ifonyin (Ifangni)


Is ‘’Home’’ where ever you find yourself (either willingly or not)? This is the question I raised in the case of Oluwale Kasola (Cudjoe Lewis) and his wife Abile ( they were the ones who began the founding of the African Town, Mobile Alabama in the United States known as Africatown today.

The American state of Alabama is rich in history although some are not pleasant, yet the people can take advantage of the opportunities that seems not to be there. In reality, opportunities are not given it is created. The Clotilda was the name of the recorded last slave ship to the United States of America. ‘’Recorded last slave ship’’, because many came to the U.S.A illegally and were not documented.
The Clotilda arrived in Alabama on the night of a Sunday, dated 8th of July, 1860. Many among the slaves that were taken to the Americas through the slave port of Whydah (Ouidah), Benin republic were of Yoruba Stock.
The economy of Dahomey was established on slave trading ventures. It was on one of such sl…

Anago James Akeem Osho

HOW TO PRESERVE THE ITEMS IN YOUR MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES :Hey! Are you conscious of how to preserve monuments, history and especially monuments, either as iron,wood, paper, brass, etc.?CONTACT: +2348037043233


A woman and about six children and a European male visited the museum. ‘’Hello madam’’, I greeted her and she responded by saying ‘’How are you Anago? Quite a while and how have you been?’’.
Another smooth Jeep parked behind her car and she said, ‘’I brought my visitor to you. He wants to learn about the Tran Atlantic slave trade. I told him that you are a reincarnated slave and the right person for the topic”.
‘’Thank you madam for the compliment’’ I responded.
About three more people joined the tour group. I noticed among the other group a man whom I later discovered to be an African American. He did his DNA and traced his root to Yoruba land, and Ibadan precisely.
The people in this group were very knowledgeable. They came with a purpose and know a lot about African history.
The African policy makers should make it compulsory that schools, especially both elementary and high school should learn their history. It seems people of African origin in Diaspora are more keen and passionate …


''Tourism is the packaging of history, art, ideas, infrastructure, and the environment. The journey on the path of history is a conscious route to self-discovery. If this is true, the distortion of history by the mischievous minds should be gravely discouraged, just as plagiarism carries prison sentences. History and Tourism are inseparable Siamese twins''. Anago James Akeem Osho (2017)
Anago James Akeem Osho, is an Historian, Museum Curator, Tour Guide, Tourism operator, Author, Historic, Cultural and Heritage manager. He consult for DNA tested Africans.

Thron Alafia exclusive video at the Vothun (Voodoo) procession

Revolving Art Incubator. Panel Discussion Our Story: Africa, His-Story and The Black box

Revolving Art Incubatorvia Aug 21 (2 days ago)
to me
Panel Discussion Our Story: Africa, His-Story and The Black boxDear Anago James Akeem Osho,

Thank you for honouring our invitation to last Saturday's panel discussion.
Your presence, insight and impactful contribution made the event a huge success.
We look forward to invite you to similar events in the near future.
Kind Regards

Jumoke Sanwo
Creative Director