Monday, May 22, 2017

Anago James Akeem Osho Tour Guiding The Dare Experience Group on a Tour of Badagry on the 20th of May 2017

Anago and some tourists of The Dare experience
A tourist of the Dare Experience backing his son under the rain.
Despite the rainfall, the Dare Experience Group of Tourists, led by Ayomide dared the rainfall as we continued our tours under the rain. I was excited to meet tourists and adventurers like this. You do not meet such tourists often.

We were in the rain that was heavy at a time and later subsided with drizzling showers till the end of the tour.

It was fun and entertaining even though we were drenched but you need to experience the love and friendliness of everyone that was on the trip. They were real adventurers that you do not get to meet on every tour.

To meet tourists who are down to earth and who are not overcomed or scared by the weather will bring out the best in the tour guide, travel agency, Tour manager, tour operator or tour director.

The weather has a lot to do on a trip. It could mar and destroy the fun that was initially anticipated.

The morning of the trip was like any other morning, but without warning, the atmosphere changed. It became darkened and thunder began to strike like the Yoruba god of thunder. And because the visitors were already at the tourist destination, the guide or tour manager should be creative and not dampen the moral of the tourists and that was what i did.

There were children on the trip and their spirit was high too. Infact if we had allowed them, they'd have love to be in the rain without causion.

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