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About Anago James Akeem Osho

Anago James Akeem Osho's creativity and passion for African history, Research, documentation, world culture, historical tours, tour guiding, museums, public speaking, folklore, art, and heritage preservation is a living childhood passion.
He believes that his childhood experiences and curricular activities gave birth to the life he lives. He fell in love with books as a child through his father, who loves to take him and his brother Bobby along when ever he travels.
He is Chief Seriki Faremi Williams Abass of Badagry family Historian. He is a curator at the Seriki Abass slave Museum (the Brazilian Barracoon).
He founded Anago Osho Adventures, and Benin Republic English Tour. He is the proprietor of Tour Guide Nigeria.
He believes that the proper packaging of history and tourism will help in preserving culture, languages, folklore, arts, etc. through festivals, museums, art exhibitions, Roots reconnection, study …