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Letter to Asterixus: A friend insearch of Elixir By Anago James Akeem Osho

Dear Asterixus,

I am on a trip to Whydah, an historical place in West Africa. How are you and New York City today? I got the last message you sent to me. I did not shiver and maybe you do not know how graceful and important you are.

Our planet is a wonderful place but the evil in the heart of humankind kept destroying this beautiful place. Maybe we don't know that this evil is also destroying us as a race of people.
I am from a place so far, yet so near. I am from planet so far and so near. To be alive on this planet will bring us across good and bad people, either living or spirit. I know that you have met those that have hurt you. There are others who will hurt you more if you present the opportunity. Yet, the positive forces, i mean good people also co-habit with the negative forces in this world. If you are chanced to meet them, keep them. If you let go, they may be gone forever.

You may not trust anyone because evil dominates, still yet, the world has the good ones. When you meet any one of them, do not let go. Keep intouch. They are the salt of the world.

''Laakaye ni baba ogbon'' (Understanding is superior to wisdom). Yoruba Proverb

When heart ache occurs, or heartbreak happens, or you have a problem and it seems everything is wrong, pause, and like the crab, go to your hole and do not be too quick to decide. Take your time and solution will pump up.

If you live in this world, challenges will surely come your way. When problems arise, do not share it with everyone but you can share it with those who won't take you for granted. Some people have problems and if you share yours with them, they percieve you'll become another problem in their lives, and before you know it, they are gone.

Problems and obstacles will make you strong and it helps you to know your true friends. Always remember that ''friendship is not by force, it is by choice''. I heared that phrase from David Oyedepo in 1996 at Alimosho.

I still remember our conversations. The world is a beautiful place with serenity and chaos. The good thing i learnt about life despite humankind's short coming is that we as an idividual or a group of people can create our elixir.

Every member of the human race has a story to tell. In our relationships with people, we should consider other peoples background, life experiences and culture. We should take time from judging other people because if we are quick to judge, we may mis-judge or misunderstand their motives. You may be right and you may be wrong.

It is important to study Anthropology and appreciate other people as they are.  If you are insearch of elixir, i am happy to tell you that you can create your own. I learnt that from my sister Angelique Kidjo.


Best regards,

Anago James Akeem Osho

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