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The Nigerian born American based dancehall and hip hop Superstar, General Pipe and his crew were on a history tour with the award winning tour guide, museum curator and historian, Anago James Akeem Osho in Lagos Nigeria.
General Pipe and crew visits Anago James Akeem Osho on a Slave History tour

The trip was entertaining, social, deep and spiritual. The educational and social history tour was a
journey back to the past. It is not flattering to acknowledge the esposure and intelligence of Gen. Pipe as he spoke with wisdom and understanding of world politics as it affect Africa, and especially the youth.

The tour was momentarily solemn as Anago began to reveal the comparative past in the present. The slave history education is emotional but in it are fa├žade of lessons to be learnt by Africans, Blacks in Diaspora and the world at large.

The trans-Atlantic slave journey through the middle passage was the biggest forceful migrations that the world ever witnessed. It was a holocaust. 

‘’The past is still relevant today’’, so says General Pipe. Mr Raymond Efei, his manager, concluded by saying, ’’Anago, it is important for us to organize more tours like this for Musicians and Artists. It will help in educating the populace for a positive social change. These artistes and superstars can use what they learnt as materials in their works’’.

He continued by saying ‘’ Anago brought the history of over 400 years back to life. It was as if I was watching a movie’’. According to General Pipe, ‘’the stories became more daunting as Anago showed us slaving instruments that were relics of the slave trade and he took us around the slave barracoon.

The tour took the crew of General Pipe across the lagoon on a speed boat to the point of no return GberefuBadagry. Walking on the slave route was not easy, they all began to lament and imagined the experience of shackled slaves, walking under the scotching sunlight without shoes and clothes on.

People hardly thought of the fact that the slaves actually used their feet to clear the footpaths they threaded on.

General Pipe was glad that he could make the trip. He said before coming for the trip, he had made an extensive research on slave history. The education and experiences he gathered will help him a lot in his next music album.

He desires to visit other Slave ports and sites in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Senegal. 

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