Friday, February 10, 2017


Camping is the act of creating a simple sleeping place that is characterized by activities or events, either for adventure, education, religious, warfare, Sport, rehabilitation, meditation, or reunion
purposes and the venue is away from the campers’ original home.

The lifestyle in a camping environment is simple. It is not extravagant. Whatever the purpose of attending a camp, it takes the camper away from the hustling of city or normal lifestyle. The rules are set by the organizers for the aim of achieving the purpose of attending such a camp.

Camp life is simple and an eco-inspired camp will unconsciously take the mind of the attendee to the importance of caring for the ecosystem and how the human ancestors used to live a simple lifestyle, and how nature provide the need of human kind. 

Unfortunately, the destruction of the earth by mankind is making things more difficult for the human race.


1, A simple sleeping place
2, Has organized activities or events
3, The location is away from the campers real home
4, A simple lifestyle and habits on camp.
5, Rules and routines are set by the organizers for the aim of achieving the purpose of attending such a camp.


The organizers of a camping project should have thorough knowledge of the area or employ people who have a broad knowledge of the people, flora and fauna of such a place. This is important because the security of life and properties are the most important in the project followed by the fulfillment of the purpose for organizing the camp.

The safety of those who attend a camp is the most important aspect of camping. The leaders and members of the local community should be aware of such socializing.


Camping meals should be simple foods that can be easily transported and preserved.
1, Rice
2, Peanuts/Groundnuts
3, Dried fruits
4, Bread/Sandwich
5, Canned beef/Fish
6, Smoked Fish
7, Pasta with pesto
8, Barbecued Chicken
9, Pancakes
10, Fresh Fruits
11, Hot Cereals
12, Biscuits
13, Beans
14, Clean Water etc.


Camping nights should be fun and interesting. It could have a large camp fire and entertainment such as sing along. 

If not short of budget or against camp rules and objective, a local cultural group may be invited to perform.
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