Saturday, February 4, 2017


There are benefits involved in travelling. Sincerely, there are risks too. Risk such as an accident, hijackers, loss of employment, sickness etc. The benefits of travelling are more and it gives a practical
knowledge which is useful in our daily affairs.
Touring is an eye opener. Travel, tours, escursions, adventures, trips or whatever you call it is an eye opener.

The experience of the person packaging your trip is very important. Some memories will linger on the mind of a tourist forever and some will not. Whatever the case maybe, trips are expected to be enjoyable, memorable and different. Different in the sense that it is supposed to be practical and something different and new should be learn on every trip.

I have met people whom I have taken on the same trip for more than twice and they confessed that every time they come for the same trip they always learn something new. That is the difference.


1, At least one close and enduring relationship is formed.
2, Travels and tours open an entrepreneurship mind to business opportunities and networking.
3, It enlightens and educate the mind.
4, It naturally impact the trait of liberality on the mind of a traveller. Judgement becomes balanced and  unbiased.
5, It encourages creativity in all speres of life.
6, It helps people to discover or rediscover the spirituality within. This depends on the type of tour and location of tour.
7, It promotes humble or simple lifestyle.
8, It creates awareness on why people should replenish the earth.
9, It makes a person to become a critical thinker.
10, It promotes nature and makes the traveller to appreciate nature.
11, It helps in self-realization. When you leave your home and usual activities for a while, you will discover if you are fulfilled or not.


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