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The descendants of both African and European slave traders, slave plantation owners and the people of
the world should agree in spirit and truth to appease the spirit of millions of slaves who died during the trans Atlantic slave trade and let us forgive each other in truth. This is the Ideal of the International Slavery Atonement Crusade.

We should not be hypocritical about this. We should not be hypocritical about the level of racism in our communities and countries. International Slavery Atonement Crusade means that we should acknowledge the persistence of hate and racism and decide to deal with it physically and spiritually.


1. It is aimed at breaking the curses accrued through the trans Atlantic slave trade by the land and the people of Africa, Caribbean Islands and other Black dominated region of the world.

2. It will work toward how the descendants of the former slave traders (both Europeans and Africans) will seek forgiveness and how the descendants of the former enslaved will learn how to forgive.

3. It also aimed at working with other Abolitionists and slave history organizations in fulfilling their various objectives.

4. It aims at researching, visiting, documenting, and rediscovering Slave Barracoons and former slave plantations.

                                   WORLD DAY OF GLOBAL SOBER REFLECTION

The World should set a day aside for global reflection engaging all the religious bodies and organizations.

A day should be set aside by the people of the world to engage in sober reflection. It should be a day that the world should be conscious of the spiritual nature of man. A day set aside to appease and recognize the souls of millions of slaves who died in the Slave Markets, Barracoons, on the Atlantic Ocean, the deserts, and slaves that were cruelly executed on the Slave Plantations and those that were lynched.


1. To break the spiritual curses accrued during the slave trade by the descendants of the African and European slave traders.

2. To open up the showers of peace and, prosperity across the continent of Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean Islands and the people of the world.

3. To promote genuine forgiveness from the heart of Blacks/Africans in the Americas and the Caribbean to break them from the entanglements of hatred and animosity and set forth the true spirit of forgiveness.

We cannot fight the spiritual with physical methods. We can only fight the spiritual with spiritual methods.

The slave trade left a terrible mark in the hearts of Blacks/Africans in Diaspora and Africans in the motherland. It also left a mark in the heart of Europeans, Americans and Arabs.

The terrible marks in the heart of the people include inferiority complex and superiority complex. The effect of these complexes breeds hatred, violence, murder, unforgiving spirit, economic stagnation, propaganda, selfishness etc. The oppressor and the oppressed should learn how to seek forgiveness and how to forgive. The enslaved were victims of the time and sorrowful experience of the enslaved still lingered in the hearts of their descendants.

The “linger” creates lingering anger and hate. The philosophy of White supremacy by European and American whites brought about Black supremacy, which evolved as a counter attack by Blacks.

Elijah Mohamed and the Nation of Islam propounded the Ideology of Black Supremacy. Elijah had a foremost disciple named Malcolm X a.k.a. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

As we fight hate with hate, we should expect commotion. Hate breeds’ enmity and violence. Searching through history, you’ll realize that malice, betrayal, disgust, hate e.t.c. have crumbled kingdoms and people.

Both White and Black supremacist groups keeps us divided. It also keeps the continents divided unconsciously. We are who we are and everyone should learn to respect other peoples color, origin and humanity. The effect of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is still experienced in some states in the United States.

Medgar Evers, a civil rights activist of the NAACP, was killed in Jackson, Mississippi, on June 12, 1963, by a racist and member of the white citizens’ council called Byron De La Beckwith, who was dedicated to segregation.

One of the major effects of the slave trade on the Black people around the world is the stigma that the Black people are inferior. Any black person or organization that refused to identify (based on ideology) with the mainstream authority is labeled as an enemy and a suspect. A vivid example is what Marcus Garvey experienced during the back to Africa movement era. His influence was deliberately countered by the F.B.I. The same method was used against other black leaders such as Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and the Black Panther party.

Their organizations was infiltrated by agents who gathered, personal information on the leaders and the activities of the organization. Marcus Garvey was deported from the United States of America because of what he represented. He spearheaded the mass movement of the black people back to Africa. For the fulfillment of his vision, he and the Universal Negro Improvement Organization agreed with the Ku Klux Klan that blacks will relocate back to Africa and the white Americans can keep America. The NAACP, A. Philip Randolph and others despised his meeting with the KKK. The suspicion of Garvey grew and eventually escalated into the “Garvey Must Go” campaign. Some black groups continued to support the activities of Marcus Garvey while others fell out of place with him and called for federal intervention and Marcus Garvey’s deportation.

On the slave plantations even slaves betrayed one another by revealing each other’s secret to the plantation masters or overseers. This is the reason why some of the slave revolts in the Americas were not successful. Marcus Garvey accepted and adored Africa and rejected America and the Bureau of Investigation could not accept a militant rejection of America.

J. Edgar Hoover, a white American, and Director of Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in December 1919 determined to go after Marcus Garvey, so this led him to hire the first black agent in the Bureau’s history. His white agent could not penetrate because they were attracting notice. Hoover referred to Marcus Garvey as a “notorious Negro agitator”. The Bureau of Investigation relied on black informants to monitor the activities of Garvey and the U.N.I.A. they were looking for a way to get rid of him because they feared his influence. They placed black spies around him and sabotaged the black star line.

Marcus Garvey’s dream for Africa was frustrated. Herbert Boulin, a black business entrepreneur, who owned a black doll company in Harlem was one of the few people Garvey confided in but Garvey never knew that Boulin was an informant for J. Edgar Hoover and the Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Things were not going well in the organization. Marcus Garvey was frustrated and he thought of committing suicide.

There’s the need for the black people to forgive each other and let brotherly love supercede individual motives. It is also necessary for the people of the world to accept the black people as members of the human race and as equal.

The problem of the Black people is beyond the physical. You cannot fight the spiritual with physical methods. You can only fight the spiritual through spiritual methods. It is no more news that the Black people were chained, beaten, raped, burned alive, quartered, beaten, raped, and feathered, castrated, terrorized, lynched, incarcerated, bought and sold. The history of the Black people is beyond this. Let researchers dig up positive memories of the past that depict the true identity of the black people.

                                              References/ Bibliography

Esquire, July 1991, Page 61

Contact Us. We organize tours and spiritual cleansing across areas where the slave trade happened especially in West Africa. Be a part of the movement.    +2348037043233

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