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BADAGRY TOURIST GUIDE, Anago James Akeem Osho +234(0)8037043233

Guide Profile:
Anago James Akeem Osho is the name to look out for if you are looking for a reputable Tourist Guide in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, and other countries across the African shoreline.

Anago mix deep knowledge and humour to his Tour Guiding Profession. Passion is the word for Tourism when it comes to Anago. He is passionate about what he does. His first professional tour was in 2000.

He love meeting people from all over the world. If you seek fun, Culture, nature, festivals, history and adventures, look no further. Anago James Akeem Osho is the big deal. He won an award as the Best Culture and Tourism promoter of the year 2015 presented by Eko Vision Int Magazine in Nigeria. He knows the importance of a Tour Guide in a trip experience.

He had been involved in many international documentaries as a presenter, location manager, Tourist Guide and researcher. He guided the Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago on their research. The documentary was directed by Kim Johnson.

There are numerous newspaper publications about Anago and his works. One of such is a center page feature titled ''An encounter with Anago at Seriki Abass Slave museum''. You can Google the title.

Anago was the Tourist Guide that lectured and guided Mr Kanu Ahaoma, who won the CNN/MULTI-CHOICE African Journalist 2012 prestigious competition award for tourism. Mr Kanu wanted to write a story around the Slave trade and someone connected him to Anago. His story on Badagry, was titled ''A walk through the Slave route'' and Anago was mentioned severally in the story.

Anago's Tour Guiding education began as a child through his fathers love for traveling. His father encouraged him and his brothers to read history books, Tourism magazines, and Story books in their quest for knowledge about African history, culture and tradition and these helped him to develop more than passing interest in CREATIVE ART, TOURISM, TOURIST GUIDING AND BOOKS.

He is a Social Studies Teacher.

Anago is always available to share his experience and educate the people on culture, and history whenever the opportunity arises.

He hold an advanced Diploma in Tour Guiding and a certificate in Training on Best Practices on Tour Guiding organized by UNIDO, UNWTO, Lagos state ministry of Tourism and intergovernmental relations, COAST PROJECT, and UNEP. He has a certificate in First Aid training from the Nigerian Red Cross.

He is the Secretary of Badagry Tourist's Guide Association. He is a curator and manager at Seriki Williams Abass Slave museum, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria. The museum is also known as the Brazilian Barracoon. He has interest and has dedicated his time to Slave history. He believes that he was a reincarnated slave that was born originally in 1753 and stolen to Havana Cuba.

He is the founder of a Tourism company called ANAGO TOURISM ADVENTURES. He is the Director of Badagry Historical Tours and Abeokuta Historical Tours.

He has interests and specializes in Tourist center, Museum and Parks management, Tour Guiding, Research, Culture, Ecotourism, Homestead lodgings and hotel reservation, Tourism Products and Souvenirs, Photography/ Cultural Music, Film Productions and Education through Public Speaking.

He speaks English, Yoruba, little French, and West African English pidgin.

His Tour packages are negotiable. He works to meet tourist needs and help to arrange a tailor made guided tours.
                                                  TOUR GUIDE SERVICES
* Nature trail adventures
* Slave history tours and research across West Africa
* Family and Group Tours
* Badagry Historical tours
* Abeokuta Historical tours
* Research Adventures to Yoruba towns and villages in Nigeria, Republic of Benin and Togo
* Masquerade performance
* Festivals and Carnivals
* Safari boat Adventures
* Tourist Attractions


* Tourist Guide
* Interpreter
* Hotel Reservation
* Car hire service/Air conditioned Bus
* Ticket booking
* Research
* Shopping Assistance

Nature trail adventures

Anago Osho and Thierry at the souvenir and herbal market in Porto Novo

Anago Osho demonstrating with the slave waist chain in Badagry

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Seriki Williams Abass was born originally at a town in Yorubaland called Ijoga Orile. The town is in todays Ogun State in South West Nigeria. Ijoga Orile is not far from Ilaro and Abeokuta. His birth name was Faremilekun and his father’s name was Fagbemi. He was captured by the Dahomeans and became a slave at the age of six years old. The country called Benin Republic today used to be known as Dahomey. The name Dahomey was changed to Benin Republic in 1975.

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Porto Novo is a great City with a great history. It is the capital of Benin republic and is situated on the West African Coast. The word Porto Novo is a Portuguese word which means New port.
The Portuguese were the first European to settle down there. Porto Novo is also known as Ajase (Ajace) by the Yorubas, and known as Hogbonu by the Ogu.
Porto Novo was established in the 16th Century. It was a Slave port controlled by the Alaafin of Oyo. The Oyo Empire was a great empire which also controlled the Slave port of Badagry. It partly controlled the Slave port of Whydah (Ouidah) for a period before Whydah was completely taken over by the Dahomey Kings.