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Anago Osho, teaching Tourism and Tour guiding at Help Gate Foundation Travels and Tourism Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Anago James Akeem Osho, Teaching Tourism and Tour guiding at Help Gate.
The founder, coordinator and facilitators/trainers
The event was well organized and spectacular.
It was an opportunity to teach and deposit knowledge and experiences back to the community and inspire young and adventurous people. There were also older people who attended the training.

Help Gate Foundation aimed at giving people a second chance in life and are focusing on Tourism among other projects. The foundation believes that young graduates and youths can be self-sustainable instead of looking for job after graduation. The programme was aimed at training new graduates, youths and to expose them to the diverse opportunities that could be found in the Tourism industry. The
Project Coordinator, Tamunoemi, said that the government of Nigeria and other countries are directing their focus to Tourism. So, such training couldn’t have come at a better time. The training is needed to fortify young people who have interest or seek employment in the industry.

Some of the Participants during the training
The idea was to create job opportunities through Tourism. Every community has a story to tell and some objects are tourism products and these objects need a guide to interpret them. These objects are important mostly because of their age and maybe because they are unusual and not common, so therefore you will need a place to keep them. The place you have chosen to keep these old antiques is called the Museum. It is possible that what some people have in their community may be natural attraction and monuments which could be a river, hill, farm, nature conservation etc. Yet, if well managed would create job opportunities, preserve the history of the community, and enrich the local economy.

The travel and Tourism training which was organized by Help Gate Foundation had experienced and seasoned personalities as the trainers.

The trainers are Anago James Akeem Osho, a Museum Curator, Creative Artist, Professional Tourist guide and founder of Anago Tourism Adventures. Anago was a member of the Demosite Management Committee of the COAST PROJECT in Badagry, organized by UNESCO, UNEP, UNWTO and Lagos state ministry of Culture and Tourism. The project was aimed at promoting sustainable and Coastal tourism.

Anago James Akeem Osho, demonstrating during his teaching
Anago received an award as the best Culture and Tourism promoter 2015, by Eko vision magazine. He wrote a book titled LEKELEKE: Folk stories, Poems, Maxims and Tourism adventure pictures. He is working on two books to be released before the end of the year.

Mr Pelu Awofeso during his lecture
Mr Pelu Awofeso, a travel journalist, winner of CNN/Multichoice award in Tourism and the founder of Travel Next Door. He has written about three books and the most popular had been The Tour of Duty which describes the authors travels across Nigeria.

Lekan Adedeji, the ace photographer, who taught photography and he was a part of the Lagos, a visitor’s guide book project.
Mr Adjarho (World Wrapperman and Anago).

Mr Adjarho David Obaro, popularly called world Wrapper man also graced the occasion and his presence was well appreciated as he gave a convincing speech of encouragement to the trainees and his journey on how he became recognized by the Guinness book of world record.
The training was divided into two parts. It was divided into theoretical and practical. Tourism is a practical job. On day one, after class work and tea break the trainers and trainee attended the Nigerian International book fair inside University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.

Anago and students at the book fair who remembered him during their visit to the Slave Museum
The group returned back to the foundation to continue the training  but a scene ensued at the book fair when some elementary school students sighted Anago James Akeem Osho. They shouted ‘’Mr Born Again’’. The Children created a scene as they held on to him and gathered around him. The teachers who brought the children to the book fair were also excited to see him.
The students have visited the Slave Museum in Badagry before and had been guided around by Anago Osho. The children remembered Anago telling them that he was a reincarnated Slave, so he was a Slave in Cuba, born in 1753 died and became ‘’born again’’. Most people wondered how Anago Oshok nows so much about the slave trade and Slavery and he often reply them by saying he is born again.


On day two of the training, the students left Surulere to have a practical tour guide experience and excursion to Badagry led by Anago James Akeem Osho. The tour in Badagry began with a group assignment and introduction. The tour began at the Brazilian Barracoon of SerikiFaremi Williams Abass of Badagry. From the Barracoon, we entered a boat that ferried us to the Slave point of no return. It was interesting and colorful as everyone began to take pictures to savor the memory of the training and adventures.

Lunch break at Star Rise Hotel Badagry

We left the Slave point of no return to have our lunch at Star rise Hotel, Agelasoh-Ajara, Badagry and we were received by the Chairman and managements of Star rise golden hotel, who were excited to take the trainee around their infrastructure.


After lunch, certificates were awarded to the trainees.
Trainees receiving certificates from Mr Tajudeen Akin Etiwon, representative of Star Rise Golden Hotel
The Project Coordinator, Tamunoemi
It was a memorable experience for both the trainers and the trainees and everyone that was involved in the training. It was as if the experience should not end. People, especially adventurous youths have been showing interest for the next training to commence soon.

Anago and students at the book fair who remembered him during their visit to the Slave Museum

Mr Pelu, World Wrapperman, and Anago

Anago Osho's African Lunch

Anago's lunch, day two. Efo riro, soup, Beaf, and Fish

Leaving for the practical tour led by Anago and Mr Pelu

Preparing to visit the point of no return
Trainees taking picture to keep the memories
Inside the luxury boat
On the point of no return
Serving participants.

Alhaji addressing the participants

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