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By Anago James Akeem Osho
I decided to call Obangogo Hill, Natures magnificent museum because of my experience
as a museum manager, Tour Guide and the magnificent grace the hill and its subordinate natural figures exhibits.  

Instead of Obangogo Tourism, I call it the international name it deserves. The name that immediately expresses what Obangogo Tourism represents; ‘’Obangogo Hill and Nature Park’’. The natural monument gracely sits on the virgin land of Owe-Kabba in Kogi’s State, Nigeria.
Tourism is broad and therefore we should not be carried away by trying to identify and promote the Tourism potential of Kabba and neglecting the significance of the Hill.
Obangogo Hill and Nature Park must be supported by UNESCO because of its undiluted Culture and Natural history. It is not porous for
now and how long that will last depend on Tourism Promoters and international tourists who discovers its importance. As Tourists flocks in, hotels may spring up at wrong spots. International business men and women will key into the opportunities but what matters to them is the profit they make and the communities may not see the destruction of the heritage as their youths get employed and put food on the table.
At present, it is still very possible for the Owe-Kabba community, State, Federal government and UNESCO to have a master plan and future development project for Obangogo Hill and Nature Park.
This natural attraction should be promoted and preserved. The Kogi State government seems not to be interested in tourism. The federal government of Nigeria, and UNESCO should support the Owe Community.
The road that lead to the magnificent work of Nature is an eyesore. The community lack electricity, inaccessible road network and accommodation facilities for tourists.
The Owe Community should be commended because there is no support for them from anywhere but this did not deter the sons and daughters of the land and well-wishers from working hard to see that Obangogo Hill and Nature Park get to its rightful position on world tourism map.
Sociologists, Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Ethnographers, and Geologists should visit Obangogo and Owe community ‘’NOW’’ before the rush. Tourism potential in Owe is enormous.

                                COMMUNITY EFFORTS

The Owe Forum
The Owe Forum realized the potentials of Obangogo Hill and decided to visit the Natural Monument on the 27th of December 2013, to see the possibility of exploring the tourism potentials of the historic, natural, and magnificent hill. Mr. Ben Owoleke is the Coordinator of the Owe Forum.
Obangogo Tourism Development Association
The Kabba communities knows the importance of what the Supernatural had bestowed upon them and their responsibility to promote it, preserve it, and benefit from it. 

This prompted the establishment of an association called Obangogo Tourism Development Association (OTDA). Presently, the association is chaired by Mrs Kikelomo Olorunfemi. This position is not permanent. It is for a span of one year except if the incumbent is re elected.

 I met Commander James and his wife and their passion for the development of the project is second only to their love for God. It is encouraging that the people are proud of their heritage and would settle for no less.

The Association have two major objectives:
1, To provide a forum that will foster closer relationship and enable the community to strengthen their business and economic value.

2, To showcase the community’s rich Cultural heritage, tradition, and provide an enjoyable natural habitat that will attract tourists and to introduce Kabba to both indigenous and non indigenous alike both at home and diaspora.

The Kabba communities are Yorubas in Kogi State and their Yoruba dialect is Owe. The community came into existence as a result of migration to escape the incisive Slave raids and other activities of the Nupe Warriors who invaded the entire Okunland.
The hill became a place of refuge for the people during this trying time in their history. The land of Egunbe was very fertile for farming. The peoples farming activities made them to be one of the richest and powerful communities in Owe kingdom as at that time.
The history of the Owe people is not complete without Obangogo hill that provided a place of abode for the people that sought refuge there. 

The people hide themselves around the hills and from there organize, defend and launch attacks against the Nupes.
After they succeeded the different invasion by the Nupe warriors, they stayed and appreciated the hill that was the saving grace when the Nupes wanted to take the entire people captive.

                                                 WONDERS OF THE HILL
The hill is wonderful. There are caves in the hill that people hide in during the wars and slave raiding.
The serene environment makes meditation and prayers to take you to the supernatural realm while still on earth.
The wonders on the hill include the story of a King, Elegha, the Ako Kereje, Kereje whose coffin turned into a stone. The stone is still there today.

There is also a part of the hill that sound like talking drums.
There is a spring water on the hill that never dries all year round. The water serves as the main source of water for the people long time ago.
There are five mystical lake on the hill called ‘’Ako’’ and they never run dry despite their stagnant position.
The rocks on the hills comes in different shapes and forms. Their interpretation is best defined by eyes of the beholder.
It is believed that the water on the hill has mystical and curing powers.
It is also believed that any prayer rendered on the hill will manifest.


The Obangogo Hill And Nature Park is a dream come true for Photographers, and especially Nature photographers. The pictures that are taken on the Obangogo hill, of villages far away but seen through the lense of the photographer brings back the memories of ''Beautiful Africa'' and its natural paradise.
During the rainy season, it is not advisable to climb the hill because it may become slippery, but the lush and greenery of the plant and animal life (Flora and Fauna) around the edifice are great to experience. Unfortunately, the animals are been killed daily through Poaching.

                           CAVES AS REFUGE FOR THE PEOPLE

There are numerous caves in the different parts of the hill. These hills served as an hide out to escape the incisive Slave raids and other activities of the Nupe Warriors and the hill became a place of refuge for the people during this trying time in their history. 
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