Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I thought the word Barracoon was a Portuguese word until recently when I found
out through my researches that it is a Spanish word. The search for the origin of the word dawned on me for accuracy and the need to disseminate the right information to the Public, Students, Tourists and researchers.  

Today, the word Barracoon is Synonymous to a Slave House or cell. It is a waiting room for Slaves while their masters or owners wait for the arrival or European Slave Merchant Ships.
There are many Slave Barracoon on the coast of Africa and the Americas. It is laudable to
note that some of these Barracoons are yet to be found. Government ministries of Culture and Tourism and individual researchers should put the task upon themselves to discover some of these Slave cells and publicize it because it will help Black people in Diaspora to discover their roots in Africa.

According to Marca Maria, a Barracoon is a house. I met her at Suntan Beach Badagry-Lagos. She is a Spaniard and my interest in the origin and meaning of the word brought us along each other’s path. Marca said that the right spelling of the word Barracoon in Spanish is Barracon. When the word is spelt Barracoon, it is English.

Spain and Portugal used to be one country until the civil war partitioned them into two separate countries. French, Spanish, Portuguse and Italian are all Latin Languages and this shows the similarities in some of their words.

Laurens Bernard is an expatriate working in the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria. He is from Varilhes, France. He explained to me that in French, the Word Barracoon is Baraque. It is a house for poor people. It is a house made of wood. It is cheap. The Material is cheap.
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