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Letter to participate in DIASPORAN/AFRICAN Slave History Festivals, Book donation and opportunity to help to train Tour/Museum Guides. By Anago James Akeem Osho

Dear family,

"Letter to participate in DIASPORAN/AFRICAN Slave History Festivals, Conferences, Workshops, Book donation and opportunity to train Tour/Museum Guides".

I am very interested in reconnecting Brothers and Sisters to the Motherland of Africa and Diaspora.

I am interested in Visiting and participating in such programmes. I want
to contribute my part and donate some of my books though written in
English and French.

I founded Anago Tourism Adventures. I am the manager of Abeokuta Historical Tours and Badagry Historical Tours. I work at Seriki Faremi Williams Abass Slave History Museum Badagry, Lagos-Nigeria as a Curator/TourGuide and Family Historian.

I can help to train Tour Guides and let them know that the Subject of Slavery is
Sensitive and very emotional for both Black and White who visits. It takes knowledge and humor to balance telling the history. There are more to discover through experience.

I am fascinated to know that there is Slave history Museum, Heritage, Site e.t.c. in your community and it will help in reconnecting brothers and sister in Diaspora back home. I am interested in anything Slave history, and i am a reincarnated former Slave. This is my consciousness. I believe i was born in 1753, and stolen to Havana-Cuba at the age of 15. My former name before Slavery was Akinfemi. My Slave name was Santos Dasilva.

I ask for a letter of invitation to your programme as the whole of my spirit, body and soul is in this.

I await your quick response.

Yours faithfully,
Anago James Akeem Osho

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