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Latvian Tourist and Anago Osho, claim to be Slaves in their former lives

The world and it's mysteries proves that the world is full of wonders. Planet Earth is surrounded by secrets and unanswered questions but the seeker of truth may avail in his search.

The question at hand is the issue of rebirth. The possibilities of people to be reborn is questioned by many today, but nearly all Ancient Customs and Cultures of the world support the believe in reincarnation.
Mrs Ginta was born in Latvia, in the Baltic region of Europe. She now reside in Ireland with her Nigerian husband. She is so convinced that she is a reincarnation of her former soul.

She has an unexplainable feeling when she think of Africa. She said that her former life experience began in Africa, before she was captured and sold into slavery.

Her conscious past life led her to her African husband. She said that her nuptial brought her back home to Africa.

According to Reincarnation Central (2004), ''Often the first past life ''recall'' that people experience is a feeling of resonance with a certain time period along the Continuum of human existence''.

When i first met Ginta and her group, i noticed that she was dressed in Yoruba clothing. Her Tourist group comprised of her Husband, Sister inlaw, Brother inlaw, and Mother inlaw. She seems to go along so well with all of them. I heared her Mother inlaw called her Folake, her Yoruba name.

The consciousness of Ginta Folake Olaniyi as a Slave in her former life and her interest in the Slave History Museum brought her and her family along my path.

I told them of my conscious  past life. The hint of my past life is relevant to my present life. I, Anago James Akeem Oladejiakin Osho was born originally in 1753. I was captured and enslaved at the age of fifteen years. I was a prince who adorned himself with expensive ornaments. I was captured and taken to Havana- Cuba. In my former life i died there in Cuba and now i am reborn.

Today, i still have an unexplainable drawing toward Cuba and her Afro Cubano communities, especially Havana.

The relationship with my past life connected me to my job as a Trans Atlantic Slave trade Educator, Cultural enthusiast, Tourist Guide, Story Teller and Folklorist.

I have a birth mark on my stomach but as i became conscious of my former life as a Slave, i realized that the mark was actually a Slave branding.

At the museum, or when i am on the road of adventures with my Tourists, at-times i would say some things  unconsciously and when i realized my statements, i usually become worried of it not been true. I would go back home and bury myself in my books to research and only to find out that what i have said unconsciously is actually a fact. It is always as if i was there when some of these events occurred.

According to 2008 European values survey data, the belief in reincarnation in Europe by country shows that about 2.3 million people from Ginta's homeland, Latvia belief in reincarnation. 142.0 million people in the Russian Federation belief in reincarnation. About 78.8 million Turkish people believe in reincarnation. France has about 62.3 million people who belief in reincarnation and about 82.1 million Germans belief in reincarnation e.t.c.

These show the population of people who answered ''Yes'' to the question: '' Do you believe in reincarnation?''
Anago James Akeem Osho, Ginta, Sister inlaw, Husband, Mother inlaw and Brother inlaw

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