Monday, June 23, 2014


Ecotourism is rapidly developing in recent years. It has become the basis for Tourism all over the world. Ecotourism brings the Tourists to the realization of the importance of Nature. Ecotourism is the union of Ecology and Tourism. Ecotourism as an industry must be encouraged because of it's numerous advantages to the society.

In interpreting Ecotourism, the role of a knowledgeable Ecotourism tourist Guide is vital. The Tourist Guide should be able to conduct and organize Ecotourism services. The services includes Tours, and activities.
Cultural tourism is important to the people but Ecotourism lives forever. It is an everlasting investment if it is not tampered by human actions. If any one invest in Ecotourism, the business will ascend from one generation to another.

Ecotourism is education, adventure and leisure amoung NATURE. It is a systematic way of bringing people closer to Nature. It brings people to the point of appreciating the importance of Nature to all living Organism, including the human race. It's unfortunate that the actions of the people of the Earth is detrimental to the sustenance of the environment.

The aim of modern Conservation is husbandry of resources and protection of the environment. The Ecotourism Tourist Guide should understand the aim of Conservation and what Ecotourism stands for. Ecotourism strives to achieve Sustainability. Ecotourism is sustainable Tourism.
A Tourist Guide should understand the different aspects of Ecotourism. This will help him or her in interpreting and organizing Ecotourism tours.

                                              SUBJECTS/ASPECTS OF ECOTOURISM
1, Environmental awareness
2, Planning Tours
3, Display
4, Interpretive aids
5, Plant and Animal interpretation

                                               ECOTOURISM ACTIVITIES
1, Guided Tours
2, Overnight walks
3, Treks
4, Self Guided interpretive walks

Anago James Akeem Osho 
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