Tuesday, June 18, 2013

THE BLACK YOUTH by Anago James Akeem Osho

The ball is in the court of African Youths and Africans/Blacks in Diaspora. The time is overdue for the youths to put their destinies into their hands. To put ones destiny into ones hand does not mean you should cause chaos on the streets or go and rob a liquor store or a bank and get killed by security agents. To put your destiny into your hands means to reorganize your life and become responsible. You should become a Visionaire. You should repackage your life and work toward a great and positive dream you have set for yourself. Dream big and have a positive mind set.
The circumstances around you should not control you. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. This means that you are a product of your thoughts. Positive thinkers would sooner or later experience the positive thoughts they envisaged. Let the consciousness begin. We can organize friendly gatherings to determine our future. We could work together to better our lives and of course some of us have children and some do not. The point is that when our children starts to ask questions, what are we going to tell them? Are we going to blame our government, politicians, or look for excuses as we fold our hands. I don't think our children and unborn children will be interested in excuses. Let's conscientise our selves and form a conglomerate of Black people who want change. Lets contribute our quota to the development of the Motherland Africa and the World as a rainbow family irrespective of skin color.

Anago James Akeem Osho
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