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The re-connection of Africa and Africans in Diaspora is the will of the conscious in this generation and hopefully the generation yet unborn. Look around the Americas and places in Africa, you'll realize that the connection is growing and the bond is becoming adhering. I perceive this to be the desire of our Ancestors and the creator of the circle of life.

The Slave trade was once upon a time an evil perpetrated against a race of people, the Africans. Today, everywhere these people are found despite all odds working against them the life of some has become a success story. It's not all Utopia. Others have lost trust in everyone and as a result had become hopeless, selfish and shallow minded.

Our evolving is a continuous process and we the Black people must have the objective of developing our clime and kindred. In the process of development, we should not underestimate or ignore the support of other peoples of the world. History is documented for the mistakes of the past not to re occur. Guided by our past, Hope, Courage, Intelligence, and Wisdom that is founded on Compassion and Love, we'll easily detect those that are for us and those that are against us.

As a people, we should be resolute to protect our ''Positive Heritage'' and abandon retrogressive practices.

When the government of a country, state, or community makes the History, Culture, and Tourism potentials of it's people a focal point, it has succeeded in equipping the people economically and psychologically.

A peoples history is their pride. It is true that some history opens old wound and enemity. We should be quick to forgive ourselves and progress for the sake of our children. Let us develop as a people and be promoted to the level of the developed in the world. We should grow and break out of the shell called Struggling or developing.

As we Africans and Africans (Blacks) in Diaspora evolve as a people, we must acknowledge and borrow from the history of the human race that no race, culture, or people can isolate itself from world association and development. No Nation is an island. But as we associate with the people of the world we must take cognizance of our heritage: Our history and culture.

If the origin of Mankind truly began on the African Continent, if the Black people are the oldest of the Human race as Anthropology and Archaeology claims, it means that the solution to our problem is us. Imagine our experiences and what we've all gone through call history. Imagine our past and yet we are still here. There's hope in education. There's hope as we educate the mind and feel the Spirit. The knowledge of a people's history lead to ''total'' freedom of the mind. History is for us to learn from so that we do not continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The progressive countries of the world are called developed Nations because these countries are continuously working hard to better the lives of their Citizens through economical, political, Social and Cultural developments. The African government should gear up and do what is right and better the lives of their people. When these are checked, it'll encourage Africans (Blacks) in Diaspora to contribute to the development of Africa. A serene Africa would continuously encourage them to visit or relocate.

In the reconnection of Africa and Africans in Diaspora, accessibility to cheap transport and un-bureaucratic immigration Visa policies are essential. African governments, especially West Africa should re-model it's diplomatic or international relations policies with the Caribbean Islands, North, Central and south America. The Americas and Africa has Socio-Cultural and Historical connections through the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. These links should be expanded and exploited to promote Economic, Diplomatic, and Cultural exchange programmes.

A well organized air and sea transport System should be established. A direct flight schedule should be arranged directly from West Africa (where majority of the Blacks in Diaspora originated from) to the Americas and vice versa.

The Americas is the collective word for continental America and all adjacent Islands. International sea and Airlines should seize the historical affiliation of these continents to promote it's services. The reconnection of people from one side of the Atlantic ocean to the other side would increase and improve business, cultural relations and peace.

As we Africans and Africans (Blacks) in Diaspora recognize ourselves as brothers and sisters, we should begin to build trust in each other. We should realize that honesty comes first. In this reconnection trust and honesty are other vital instruments.

The bulk of work to be done falls on the Continental African people. Africans should do what is right by improving politically and economically. Africans should deface tribalism, sectionalism, religious intolerance (which is un African) and other retrogressive characteristics that our continent exhibit today. As soon as this happens, the dawn we await will glow. Tears and sorrows will disappear from our faces. Our true beauty would be exhibited. And when some of our brothers and sisters in Diaspora decides to relocate to the continent, we should not discriminate but rather we should assimilate.

The re-orientation of the African masses is indispensable. The Africans (Blacks) in Diaspora should form an umbrella body. This body and the African union can form another organization that would represent our race. Africa is calling her children everywhere.

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