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The voices of Africa's past Heroes continue to speak to the present but how many of us hear these voices? What are the quest of today's Africans and Africans/ Blacks in Diaspora? Of course the desires are numerous and differs from one individual to another. It differs from one country and continent to another.

What are the desires of Africa's Ancestors? What's the hope of those whose blood and sweat littered the foot path that lead to the Slave Markets on the Coast and in the hinterland? What's the desire of the unfortunate Slaves whose dead bodies were eaten by Fishes or ''maybe'' whose bones still lay protected at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The voices of the past is constant, encouraging and gentle. The voices of the past despite all odds remained hopeful. The heirs of these great people, the African people and Africans/Blacks in Diaspora are the hope of the struggle of the past.

Africans and Africans/Blacks in Diaspora must be constant, courageous, and calm to decipher and understand the meaning and desires of our Ancestral past in today's World as they continue to speak to our hearts. Africa's past evolved to the present and yearns to be remembered today, tomorrow, and forever. Africa's past Men and Women desires sunshine on the faces of their Offspring: The Africans and Africans/Blacks in Diaspora.

The African past is it's History and forebears. These Ancestors may be dead and long gone but yet their voices still speaks to the heart of the conscious and listening Children. The voices of these African past echoes their search for an harmonious society for their Descendants everywhere they reside. The echo was displayed in their past struggle for freedom, equality, Slave trade abolition, human rights e.t.c.
Where ever African/ Black communities are found in the world, such a place represent the new Africa. Africa as a home is in the heart of all who love Her. Every African/Blacks irrespective of where he or she lives, either Africa, Europe, Asia, America or Australasia is the hope of the struggle of the past.

The change Africa's past heroes seeks must first occur in the heart of their Offspring. These Offspring must see themselves as the change their Ancestors sought. There should be a merger. The people should see themselves as one as they mend the broken chord that have broken among some of the people. They should become progressives like the Asians despite the odds.

The methods of achieving the hope of the struggle of the past may differ from one group to another but everyone must stay focused on the objectives of creating hope, development and an harmonious society to every African/Black communities.

The struggle for development is continuous. It is not static and should not be static.
In this struggle, everyone should first identify their interests. ''Genuine or Self''. The Africans and Africans/Blacks in Diaspora should evolve new ideas or borrow ideas to advance the development of it's people and communities. This is the hope of the Struggle of the past.

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