Friday, February 10, 2017

TRIP COST FOR TOURISTS by Anago James Akeem Osho

Before embarking on a journey, the traveller should be aware that there would be expenses to be paid for during the trip. The trip could be a day, weeks, months, or years.
The type and purpose of travelling will determine how low or huge the expenses would be. 

The trip costs may include:

1, Lodgings/Accommodation/Hotel
2, Feeding
3, Camping fees (if applicable)
4, Entrance fees into parks, museums, attractions etc.
5, Transportation (cost of shuttle between the trip starting and ending point)
6, Souvenirs (Sweatshirts, water bottles, beads, and other items)
7, Gratuities/Tips


The general rule is to travel light. Do not travel with expensive items that may be easily misplaced or stolen.

Travel with simple gears like:

1, Camera
2, Sunblock/Glasses
3, Hat/Baseball Cap
4, Pants/Jeans
5, Sweatshirt
6, Trainers/Boots/Sneakers
7, Sleeping Bag (if applicable)
8, Mosquito nets/Mosquito repeller cream

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