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Do you know that what you as a person can see with your eyes evolved from
what could not be seen? Look at the plants in your garden or the forest you see on your way when you travel. Look at the house you live in, the cars on the streets, boats and ships on the water. 

Look at the culture of the people and their festivals, remember how your favorite restaurant was arranged; the chairs, tables, cups, e.t.c. These elements or things are what we can easily see around us but wait a minute, have you ever thought of how these things came to be? Everything around us began as a thought or an idea on the mind of a person or a group of people. Which is greater? Is it what you can see? Like they say, ‘’seeing is believing ’’. Or is it what you cannot see with your physical eyes but believe is real because you have seen it on your mind? which is greater?
As a gardener, you will imagine how you want your garden to look like before you create it. As it grows you begin to tend it the way you desire. The point is that your garden was originally a thought before it became a reality. The same goes for your house which was originally an idea on a paper or on the mind of an architect.
Whatever a person becomes is a choice. It is the idea on the mind of the individual. Creative people utilize the gift of the mind and the unseen inner gravitation.

    What became Culture was invented by ancient people that lived in a particular area     as a result of activities or events that took place in that environment. Some believed 
that an unseen astral partner revealed their act to them and in some cases the elders or custodians imagined a way of life as a custom and everyone compromised with the believe of a supernatural result.

You as a person is created spiritually but the connection to the spiritual by every one of us differs. What each person perceives to be spiritual may also be different. In case anyone disagrees with spirituality, does it mean that it is not true or that some people do not have a connection to it?
The earth is a mysterious place. There are unanswered questions on some people’s mind. But you must understand that mystery itself is spiritual. It is beyond the ordinary. What is beyond the ordinary is supernatural.
Humankind is spiritual. Everything around the human race is spiritual but because we are not conscious of it does not mean that we are not supernatural. It is embedded naturally in every one but it must grow. The growth of the spirituality in mankind either positive or negative is the manifestations that we experience all over the world.
The true personality of everyone is unseen. We wear our earthly body to live, relate and survive on earth. Once the spirit man leaves the body, the body becomes lifeless. The true life in the body has left. It means that the true personality of everyone is the spirit man that lives within the body.  It is sad that a lot of people do not understand or know themselves. Your knowledge of self will give you confidence to prosper here on earth and in the life beyond.
The spiritual gifts in every one of us either as individuals, individuals with unique gifts, Creative people, Prophets, Inventors, or Artistes are to benefit the whole world and replenish the earth. Our spiritual gifts are to solve problems and make people happy.
The things that we cannot see in the physical but could conceive on the mind either as ideas or thoughts are greater and more important than what could be seen and touched physically.
Creative people should be weary of what they invent or create. Every invention comes with a thought. Your invention, thought, or idea could make people happy or unhappy. It could make the world a better place or a chaotic place to live.
Before a new model car is produced, it will come with a thought on the mind of the car designer. The new designed car is first imagined, then drawn or penciled down on paper. The idea is shared with a team of experts. Recommendations and adjustments are made. The idea is presented to a motor building company and if the company is interested, the car is manufactured and the thought becomes a reality.
Creative people either as Artistes, Scientists, Writers, Philosophers, Masons, Architects, Musicians, Leaders, Academicians e.t.c are propelled by inner gravitation and the journey on this path is beyond what could be seen.
This inner gravitation is propelled from a realm unknown, yet known by those who yearn after it. It is not mundane. It is unearthly.
Creativity expresses the relationship between what is unseen and what could be seen. What could not be fathomed on the mind of many people may be fathomed on the mind of the thinker. Creative people are thinkers. They are visionaries and prophets.
What does it mean to be Creative? What are Predictions? What is Gravitation?
To be creative involves the use of skill and the imagination to produce something new or a work of art. Creativity is the art of showing this ability.
Prediction or Prophecy is the statement that says what you think will happen. Gravitation is a force of attraction that causes object to move toward each other. The object you attract could be a spiritual being revealing information, ideas, or predictions to you.
Who you are, what you do, or your actions will determine the type of force or spirit that you attract to yourself. It could be positive or negative.
Creative people are controlled either by a positive force or a negative force. The power a person attracts consciously or unconsciously can reveal events that will take place in the present or future. Such a spirit can control a person to act wisely or foolishly. It has to do with who you are, what you do, or your actions.
The unseen inner gravitation is within everyone but it takes conscious effort and growth to relate with such a force. When a person does not recognize such gravitation, it does not mean that it is absent. The inner gravitation is always present and is always ready to guide.
Various artistic works have turned out to be predictions of all time. In 1898, Morgan Robertson, a writer published a novel titled ‘’the wreck of the titan’’. He did not know that he was writing a prediction of what was to happen. He did not know that the event will linger on the mind of the people of the earth forever.
According to the peoples Almanac, the book of predictions, Morgan Robertson began to write his story with the help of an invisible astral partner’’.
The story of Morgan was about a British luxury liner that sinks after hiting an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic. Fourteen years later, precisely 1912, the titanic disaster that Morgan wrote about as a mere work of literary art became real as a British luxury liner sinks after hiting an ice berg in the Northern Atlantic.
The Egyptian Great Pyramid of Cheops (C. 2650 BC) is a marvel of architecture and masonry. This artistic design is a documentation of human history from 4000 BC - 2001 AD. Within the pyramid is a passage way that leads to the Royal burial chambers.
The key to the pyramid’s prophecies are held in the passageways. The importance of the pyramid was not known until a Scottish royal astronomer, named Charles Piazzi Smyth, who ‘’carefully measured the pyramids passageways and saw in the numbers a unique perpetual calendar, a chronology of world history covering six millenia’’. 

The mystery of the Egyptian Great Pyramid of Cheops made William A. Degregorio to conclude that ‘’Pyramidologists speculate that God may have revealed the future course of history to a chosen people and that they, inturn, constructed an indigenous record of it in the pyramid, one durable enough to survive it’s term of prediction had run out’’.
Recently, I watched Emmanuel T.V, and there was a prediction by the Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua. He was talking to members of the congregation in the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). He said that the people should pray for India. He said ‘’I am seeing a very huge bridge broken and when a bridge divides into two, what do you think will happen to everybody? 

I am seeing this happen, they should take care of Thursday, Wednesday.’’ Please pray for this nation…. Innocent people going ’’. He mentioned that the bridge is beside a river. He called on people to publicize the message on the internet as a way of warning the people of India to avoid the impending calamity.
After some time, posted on its website of a bridge under construction in Kolkata (India), a city built next to the Hooghly River, tragically collapsed, killing scores of people and injuring hundreds of others. The news was also breaking news on C.N.N.
Prophet T.B Joshua also predicted the hijacking of a Egypt air plane (which he called balloon) in one of his T.V messages during a Sunday service at the SCOAN. Prophet T.B Joshua gave a prophetic message regarding a hijacked plane (Balloon), revealing the outcome of the incident which will cause ‘’Breaking News’’ worldwide but will be settled amicably.
On Tuesday 29th of March, 2016, Egypt Air flight MS181 was hijacked by a passenger claiming to be wearing a suicide exclusive belt, forcing the plane to land in Cyprus. But there was no single injury or casualty in the incident and the hijacker was safely apprehended without any casualty.
There is an inner gravitation in everyone. Meditation, separation and quietness of spirit can help a person to attain that level. You must be upright to attract the right force. The astral partner you attract will communicate with you through a still and quiet voice.
Creative people or thinkers either as Artistes, Scientists, Pastors, Writers, Prophets, Philosophers, Masons, Architects, Musicians, Leaders, and Academicians e.t.c are propelled by inner gravitation and the journey on this path is beyond what could be seen.
Creative people should be weary of what they invent or create. Every invention comes with a thought. Your invention, thought, or idea could make people happy or unhappy. It could make the world a better place or a chaotic place to live.

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