Sunday, June 15, 2014


Shaan, Anago Osho and Andre
I met Shaan Keegan and Andre and i was astonished by their perception of Africa. They both lived in Port Elizabeth near Cape Town in South Africa and had visited different African countries. Their consciousness of Africa over Europe tingled me, especially when they said that they are Africans and are not deterred by their Skin color.

Their family is Multicultural and Multiracial. There are Zulus, Dutch, English, Jews, Catholics, Budhists, Christians and Muslims in the family. This flashed back to me the memories of Nelson Mandela's ideology of a rainbow Country. The idea of a rainbow Nation did not go down with all South Africans especially the down trodden irrespective of race or Culture.

Racism in South Africa is diminishing especially through the young South Africans who sees themselves first as South Africans before race or tribe. Some old White South Africans may still hold on to the idea of racism and segregation but how would they stop their Children who speak native African languages and their best friends are probably Blacks.

Shaan said that ''she is a Black woman in an European skin'' and i was shocked to hear that. It was the first time that i ever heard such statement from an European and it seems like a joke.

They both confessed that Africa is in their heart. Shaan Keegan's family settled in South Africa in the 1700's. She is of English Ancestory while Andre is Dutch and his Ancestors settled in South Africa in the 1500's.

I asked if the reason for claiming to be an African was because their Ancestors settled down in South Africa centuries ago. Shaan looked at me piercingly and replied with an echoed NO!

She said ''she was born in Africa and Africa was born in her''. She grew up with both Black and White South Africans. She speaks native African languages and grew up in the Culture. According to her, when ever she travels to Europe she doesn't feel at home there until she comes back to Africa.

Shaan opinion is that racism and tribalism are evil and will only create tension and hatred among the people. It is her believe that love, selflessness, Justice, and tolerance are the solution to the problems of Africa.
''I believe in Africa''. ''I am an African'', she said.

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